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User Info: FFfan91

2 months ago#1
I'm really curious and confused... How does it work exactly?

User Info: behindtheword

2 months ago#2
I do not recall if any character has specific inherent resistances, but let's assume all characters have no natural resistances. There are no stats that alter your resistance value in DQ8, only tables and innate values for each level of resistance.


Attribute Resistance Modifier A @ $ ^ *
Very Effective 1.00 0.80 0.50 0.00
Effective 0.80 0.60 0.40 0.00
Not Very Effective 0.75 0.50 0.25 0.00

Attribute Resistance Modifier B @ $ ^ *
Very Effective 1.20 1.00 0.75 0.30
Effective 1.00 0.80 0.50 0.00
Not Very Effective 0.80 0.60 0.40 0.00

Attribute Resistance Modifier C @ $ ^ *
Very Effective 1.00 1.00 0.75 0.00
Effective 1.00 0.85 0.50 0.00
Not Very Effective 0.50 0.20 0.10 0.00

Attribute Resistance Modifier D @ $ ^ *
Very Effective 1.30 1.15 0.75 0.30
Effective 1.30 1.15 0.75 0.30
Not Very Effective (nothing that uses Table D is impacted by Magic Barrier)

Let's say we use Kasnooze and Snooze.

Kasnooze uses Resistance Table C.
Under normal conditions (no Divine Intervention, Eerie Fog, or Magic Barrier), rates would be:
  • 100% = no resistance - we're assuming ALL characters have this as their innate value
  • 85% = weak resistance
  • 50% = strong resistance
  • 0% = immunity
Snooze in Fafnir's FAQ, and the site he used to borrow data from, indicates Table C. Unfortunately this is not accurate. There are more tables than the above mentioned, but I don't feel like tracking down a certain post by KuuzokuOuGilder that breaks down the full table setup for DQ8, so for brevity we'll assume it's the same as Kasnooze (the base effective rate at no resistance is, I believe 80%).

Enemy casts Kasnooze on the party:
  • Base rate is 100%
  • If Magic Barrier is present, this becomes 50%
  • If the player has certain equipment the rate reduces based on the innate reduction rate of that equipment. For example, the Metal King Helm reduces the rate to 1/4. If Magic Barrier isn't present this means the rate of effect is 25%, if Magic Barrier IS present, it multiplies into it, so the rate is 12.5%. With the Dragovian King Helm and Golden Tiara, for example, the rate of effect is reduced to 1/8, so 12.5% normally, and 6.25% with Magic Barrier in place.
  • If a monster uses something like Spooky Aura or Eerie Fog, which I don't recall if those skills are present in DQ8, Magic Barrier's effect is nullified, though Equipment still works, and the rate becomes: 100% ;) * Equipment mod. So 25% and 12.5% depending on what headgear. There are two armours, like the Butler's, that negate Sleep. The Sun Crown also negates Sleep effects.
  • Disruptive Wave will remove Magic Barrier as well. Either way, if any enemy uses Spooky Aura, Eerie Fog, or Disruptive Wave, just cast Magic Barrier on the next round.
  • One thing I should point, there's a special "glare" skill certain enemies have, that has a 100% effective Sleep rate, and ignores all defenses, works on a single party member, and puts them to sleep for 1 or 2 rounds. You can wake them up with Tingle however ;).
Player casts Kasnooze on an Enemy:
  • Game checks first for the table and the resistance level. So if an enemy has strong resistance, the effective rate is 50%.
  • If you use Divine Intervention, and the effect lands, the 50% rate goes up to 75%.
  • If an enemy has Magic Barrier, and uses it (rare), their 50% resistance becomes 10%. Divine Intervention would cancel the effect, just as Magic Barrier cast after Divine Intervention would cancel DI's effect.
That's all there is to it.
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User Info: behindtheword

2 months ago#3
While not asked for, the way damage resistances is calculated (or rather, reduced) is the following:

Base damage - Armour resistance - Shield resistance - innate resistance - spell resistance (Insulatle for Breath, Magic Barrier for Magic)
Life can be unexpected. Embrace and prepare for anything.

User Info: FFfan91

2 months ago#4
This is all great.

What about skills that inflict status effects? Helm Splitter has a chance of lowering Defense, but it doesn't use any Resistance Table. The same with Parallax, which inflicts Paralysis but doesn't use Resistance Table.

Any idea on how those are calculated?

User Info: behindtheword

2 months ago#5
Oh, they use the resistance tables. Same with Angel Eyes, Charming Look, Blow Kiss, Lashings of Love, Whiplash (all paralysis).

The problem with Fafnir's FAQ is he took data when data mining of DQ8 was unfinished. There are either 7 or 8 tables, not 4. Table A in his FAQ is unique to DQ8 however. 8's tables are based on 6 and 7 (6 is the first I'm aware of to use tables, 1~5 used instead individual listings per type, as there were no skills to account for, just spells, I won't bore you with the details and history any further). So they're almost identical with the exception of Fafnir's "Table A," and for the ones that are carried over, you might have 75% in one game, 80% for the same value in another.

I would note that Sap is tied to Table C in the data mining site he borrowed from, which seems the table that particular group listed for virtually all status effects that have a table.

Unfortunately, there are a TON of status effects that aren't listed with a table, despite having one, only because the data for what determines their effectiveness wasn't known at the time he wrote his FAQ.

I'll probably have to add it into my FAQ at some point, and the changes from the PS2 version are subtle (Kasnooze and Snooze for instance have slight changes).

Sap's table in DQ's 6 and 7 use the same values: 100 / 85 / 50 / 0, so Table C is accurate, and it's a common table for Sap effects.


So it works like this:

Helm Splitter vs Enemy with Strong Resistance (50% rate):

Helm Splitter has its own effective base rate of 100% per attack, as in every time you attack, it will trigger Sap (-50% defense, PS2 version), and Kasap (-25% defense, 3DS version). If an enemy has Strong Resistance, it will take effect 50% of the time.

There are actually 15 total tables:

Technically still 7 general tables used for player skills, 8 with the 3rd table in his list, table A in Fafnir's FAQ.

So paralysis from Parallax is 1/8 trigger chance per attack usage, so 12.5% base rate, and uses Table 0, so 100/85/50/0. So versus an enemy with Strong resistance, that's essentially a 6.25% chance to impact per usage in the aggregate, but in reality, it's a 12.5% chance to trigger the effect, and a 50% chance to work each time.

For Helm Splitter and Parallax, nothing alters it, just enemy base resistance.

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User Info: behindtheword

2 months ago#6
Yeah, I need to do this, then finish the DQ6 and 7's tables (I had...not sure why half are empty, so something happened, as I know I filled them at one point, but clearly they're not on the site or in my actual FAQ...I wonder if that was part of several times where I lost a ton of data that I hadn't yet backed up, and I know some of that were FAQs).
Life can be unexpected. Embrace and prepare for anything.
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User Info: FFfan91

2 months ago#7
Oh man... This is big league stuff.

Thanks a lot for the info @behindtheword , and best of luck with your potential FAQ.
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