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User Info: Storm Chamber

Storm Chamber
1 month ago#21
Ritual of the Nerfs

User Info: Gunzleader

1 month ago#22
thanks guys really appreciate the bragging that lead to nerfs.
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User Info: Limelol

1 month ago#23
didierre posted...
Fixed the crash after interacting with a bookcase

Fixed items getting stuck on walls

Fixed instances where sliding into water would cause the player to get stuck


didierre posted...
Familiar Changes:

Basically a Nightmare nerf. Still no exact numbers, but I didn't expect it. Listing numbers for every level would've been tedious.

didierre posted...
Shard Adjustments (Decreased Power):

A lot of these turned out to be very minor nerfs. It's likely many people aren't even going to notice them.

There are a few that come to mind, though. WC and Directed Shield being those.

didierre posted...
Weapon Adjustments (Decreased Power):

Edge being nerfed is still weird, but it's minor anyways.

Rhava nerf is bit more severe than it looks, but I'll have to see it in practice. 2 damage off a weapon that hits that fast seems pretty substantial.

didierre posted...

Hopefully FC crafting being nerfed isn't too bad. It felt right that it was easy to upgrade considering it's your first spell. Hopefully this doesn't apply to the early ranks.

Not sure why enemy HP is listed here, but an increase is welcomed (although I want much more).
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User Info: soulofninjasoul

1 month ago#24
PsyBomb posted...
The changes to Flame Cannon are going to shred the current speedrun strats. ALL of them on New Game depend on that shard rapid upgrading to rank 7 (ish? Around that) just from Gunpowder right off the boat.

... unless the rest of the materials aren’t hard to get, which is possible but defeats the point.

That is actually the point. Speed runners seriously illustrate how easily broken the game gets.
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  3. Balance update, crash and bug fixes coming this week
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