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User Info: EHnter

11 months ago#1
Anything new? Updates? Promises?

User Info: SpikeTbear

11 months ago#2
No, no, and...no.
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User Info: TVthePunisher

11 months ago#3
They’re prioritizing PS4 and PC over Xbox and Switch but even then it’s a month between hearing anything. They recently said something about PS4 but their projected dates for releasing stuff have failed.

End of September much like the month before was supposed to have an Xbox update. Instead they went dark and haven’t said anything now that we are almost into November.
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User Info: kaiju_Boy

11 months ago#4
This companies treatment of this whole thing has really soured me on this game. Last Kickstarter project I’ll ever back. Paid WAY extra to get an incomplete game with none of the extended/promised content. And I don’t want to wait another 3 years to get the content like Yooka-Laylee (which *still* isn’t done, even though they’ve made another game!).
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User Info: crusifieddemon

11 months ago#5
I'm also a backer. Just like I was for fun media with Friday the 13th. They went dark and gave up on a incomplete game. Just like this one. Anyone check to see if iga said anything on Twitter. He's also gone dark and has disappeared. 😠 I guess Konami has the last laugh after all.

User Info: Rahjik

11 months ago#6
Switch got a performance patch today.
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User Info: knightmere122

11 months ago#7
Rahjik posted...
Switch got a performance patch today.
It was yesterday and most people are saying that it still runs like s***.
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  3. It's been months since I fired up the game
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