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  3. Is anyone else bothered by the movement?

User Info: mumpsy21

1 year ago#1
I'm really trying to like this game and everything (aesthetic, music, atmosphere, loot/upgrade system) is amazing to me. Only thing I can't get used to is the movement. It feels slow and a bit clunky. I'm still early in the game but I'm wondering if you become more mobile/agile and if you get more comboable attacks later in the game.
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User Info: bruplex

1 year ago#2
I actually upgraded PCs from the time I got this game and noticed the newer PC ran the game much smoother. It did feel a little slow on my older PC, but relatively smooth on the new one.
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User Info: alkarion_log

1 year ago#3
more agile you mean move speed?then yes you do you get a ring and a book who raise your move speed

attack too btw some shard do raise the attack speed

fr the pc one I did run this one on my old pc and then this month a new one, the fps did the same, but the quality was a lot higher thanks to the epic settings now full on, in both cases I had hardly any slow time, save for some bugs from the launch date, the game was flawless.

now is wait the DLC
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User Info: Noraneko_Vel

1 year ago#4
You will have multiple ways of increasing your movement speed (forfeiting other useful bonuses on that equip slot) and there will be an attack that makes traveling very quick.

The speed in Bloodstained is as fast as it should be, however.
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User Info: cocomunga

1 year ago#5
Once you get Double Jump, you can move very quickly using Diagonal Kicks. Backstep canceling is also easy to do. Just backstep and press down right after. You’ll get the rhythm down. Much faster than the slow walking
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User Info: Rising_Adonis

1 year ago#6
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  3. Is anyone else bothered by the movement?
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