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User Info: rochebug

11 months ago#11
Many thanks!
I was trying to play the game on the Gamepass Windows Beta and needed to know where to find both directories to know if I could continue my save on Steam once it was no longer available on Gamepass.
Can confirm that it did work, but does need the extra DLC to load.

User Info: JamesBR27

8 months ago#12
Thanks, my windows crashed on january 2nd 2020 and went to a technician, but he did not backup the appdata folder since it is a hidden folder and I lost my two Bloodstained RotN saves, one completed and another on the glacial tomb.
The only positive side of this is that this game is so awesome I dont mind playing from the beginning again.
PSN: Same as Above. 34 Years of Gaming Life.

User Info: truehare

4 months ago#13
drumurai posted...
Speaking of,

Does anyone have a game save file to share which is up to around fighting Zangetsu the second time ? Which is about 80% map completion IIRC?
My PC died a few days ago and all my saves are gone.

MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated it!!

Hey, I know it's been a long time, but do you still need that save? I have one here that's about what you need, as well as another one right AFTER fighting Zangetsu, if it's useful.
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