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TroutPaste 2 months ago#1
Looks like it's one or two days only? Sorry I forgot the date in the title!

Free Games Board... https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/1488-free-games
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MetalCannon2 2 months ago#2
Hexenherz 2 months ago#3
lol weird somehow I already own it, maybe it was on Prime Giveaways at some point? But I'll take it on Steam and GOG, thanks!!
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Giant_Aspirin 2 months ago#4
thanks Troutman!
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Blue_Thunder 2 months ago#5
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kamentierr 2 months ago#6
Nice. I was thinking of getting this game. What a coincidence. Thank you for the heads up.
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Monopoman 2 months ago#7
This game is great, a very solid metroidvania with some interesting mechanics.
Requiem 2 months ago#8
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EvilResident 2 months ago#10
Already had it on Steam (but I don’t own #1 lol)
but I did not have it on GOG so I added there.

tons of freebies lately!
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