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EvilResident 2 months ago#1


Not sure if this lasts the entirety of the sale or what, but it's free to claim at the moment

thx to @BMXJouster for the tip
EnemyWithin88 2 months ago#2
Hell yes
shads3055/michael305 posted...
I hope we can buy individual games I only want andromeda (in reference to the ps4 mass effect collection)
krazycharlie 2 months ago#3
Already taken. Thanks for the heads-up anyway @EvilResident 👌✌👍
King Rial 2 months ago#4
Sweet. Thanks.
I use Google... A lot.... >______>
Bearprint 2 months ago#5
How is this game?
The Final Fantasy-series (nr. 6-10) will forever hold a place in my heart.
JE19426 2 months ago#6
Thanks for the link, EvilResident.
BarbaricAvatar 2 months ago#7
My launchers never tell me when there are freebies about! Thanks for the heads-up.
Habitual Judge
j_coat 2 months ago#8
It's free again, and is much more visible on the front page then it was the last time.
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