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User Info: TroutPaste

2 months ago#1

Also received a DM from Nibbbets earlier, I think this is always free but I'll post it too...

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User Info: teep_

2 months ago#2
Thanks for the links TP
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User Info: FireDrakeZ

2 months ago#3
Unfortunately the steam version of Syberia is very glitchy and you would need to add some fixes to play it there. I believe they gave away the GOG version in the past for free as well, so if you can get that one instead, it works a lot better right from the start.
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User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
2 months ago#4
Syberia the World Before Prologue is free on GOG right now.
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User Info: Venom3D

2 months ago#5
I already had these on GOG, but went ahead and claimed the Steam versions anyway. Thanks again!

User Info: JE19426

2 months ago#6
Thanks for the links, TroutPaste.

User Info: BarbaricAvatar

2 months ago#7
I'll second the Steam versions being a bit dodgy. I got my Mom to claim these games thinking they'd be something she might enjoy, but when she tried to run them it couldn't detect her integrated graphics card. They booted fine on my PC but i don't have an integrated gfx card. However the gameplay was clunky with unsynchronised audio; Steam really isn't the place to play these great games!
Lucky me, i bought them both on physical disc a decade ago. ^_^
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  3. Free on Steam: Syberia I + II (by 9/29)
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