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User Info: TroutPaste

2 months ago#1
On the main page, as usual for GOG


Thanks @BMXJouster

(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: catboy

2 months ago#2
ohhh this game. I tried it once. I'm not sure if I like it but it sure is unique

damn mods sure are really putting on some overtime tonight huh
Then by that logic, real women are pixels. -Kisai
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: MiIkMan

2 months ago#3
I grabbed it. Thanks.
Milk, man.
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User Info: JE19426

2 months ago#4
Thank you for the link, TroutPaste.

User Info: crazygamer21

2 months ago#5

User Info: Clergybones

2 months ago#6
Dokkan Battle ID: 3178095352 (Vinh)

User Info: krazycharlie

2 months ago#7
Already picked them up from previous GOG giveaways. Still, this is an excellent opportunity for those who haven't played them yet. Thanks for the heads-up as usual, @TroutPaste 👌✌👍

User Info: TroutPaste

2 months ago#8
@discodancer77 also let me know. Thanks! Even if I had the topic up, it helps when ppl do that... a good habit

User Info: Bearprint

2 months ago#9
Masterpieces, especially the first one... thanks, thanks, thanks.
The Final Fantasy-series (nr. 6-10) will forever hold a place in my heart.

User Info: EvilResident

2 months ago#10
Just got these in the steam summer sale lol
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