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User Info: TroutPaste

3 months ago#1


thanks to @discodancer77 for the info

User Info: ProboBum

3 months ago#2
Oh snap, good looking out TC :D always wanted to play this but never really motivated myself to buy it. Now I really don't have a reason NOT to play it
Wild ARMs is still the best JRPG series in my opinion and we desperately need a new game in the series!

User Info: DaniloSP_80

3 months ago#3
Much appreciated.
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User Info: RPGlover2

3 months ago#4
Thanks a bunch.
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User Info: kamentierr

3 months ago#5
Thanks. Don't forget to get the DLC guys.

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User Info: teep_

3 months ago#6
Claimed, thank you
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User Info: JE19426

3 months ago#7
Thanks for the link, Troutpaste.

User Info: EvilResident

3 months ago#8
JE19426 posted...
Thanks for the link, @discodancer77 .
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