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  3. Free ("Mystery Game") on Epic: Among Us (05/27-06/03)

User Info: EvilResident

4 months ago#1
Play with 4-10 players online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone!



User Info: AsucaHayashi

4 months ago#2

User Info: EvilResident

4 months ago#3
And i know in the previous topic i said i would have a Steam prize for someone who guessed correctly but .... no one came close! Oh well.... Another mystery game next week...

- same deal as last week: If you can somehow manage to guess the game correctly (OR EVEN THE SERIES ITS A PART OF) I have some Steam keys to give to the winner ^_^

Place your bets! :)

User Info: Clergybones

4 months ago#4
Awesome, thanks! Been wanting this game
Dokkan Battle ID: 3178095352 (Vinh)

User Info: teep_

4 months ago#5
Thanks for the link
i believe
we can fly up in the sky

User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 months ago#6
I guess fall guys next week then lol
SteamDeck / GabeGear Ambassador

User Info: ProboBum

4 months ago#7
I'm sticking with a borderlands game. A broken clock and all that..
Wild ARMs is still the best JRPG series in my opinion and we desperately need a new game in the series!

User Info: PoopPotato

4 months ago#8
Lol, wasn't expecting this at all. Starting to doubt we'll get a block buster game for free

User Info: koolk696

4 months ago#9
Thanks but no thanks, I'm skipping this week. ..and frankly I don't think I'll regret it
You should stop reading now.

User Info: MetalCannon2

4 months ago#10
Already have it on Steam but thanks.

I'm gonna stick with my guess next week Witcher 3.
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