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User Info: TroutPaste

4 months ago#1


thanks @jerrygamer2

User Info: I is smart

I is smart
4 months ago#2
That trailer made me want a refund before I even claimed it...
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User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
4 months ago#3
Why would finding a new element result in faster than light travel? Why would an element be found only on Earth?
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User Info: Beefbud

4 months ago#4

User Info: JE19426

4 months ago#5
Thank you for the link, TroutPaste.

User Info: Clergybones

4 months ago#6
Dokkan Battle ID: 3178095352 (Vinh)

User Info: EvilResident

4 months ago#7
Can they pay me to play this ^_^
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