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  3. Watch Dogs 2 on Uplay. Sunday, June 12th. Info inside. Request @ if you want.

User Info: TroutPaste

4 weeks ago#1

Ubisoft’s big not-E3 showcase is scheduled for this Sunday, July 12th where they’ll be showing off new gameplay and trailers for upcoming games. As part of the event, they’re also letting you claim a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 for PC, though you’ll have to be fast. You need to grab it while the show’s live, meaning you’ll have about a 45 minute window to make those dogs yours.

In their dates and times post for the show, Ubisoft lay out the details for snagging a copy of Watch Dogs the second. “Log in with your Uplay account anytime after Trackmania and before the end of the main show to claim a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 on PC,” they say.
It looks like you’ll want to head to their Ubisoft Forward page and log in up at the top right of the page. The main show runs between 8:00-8:45pm BST / 12:00-12:45pm PDT.

Link: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/forward

So that's... 3-3:45 PM EST. I'm going to set an alarm on my phone

If you would like to be notified in this topic, let me know. I'll make an @ list for anyone who requests it, in this topic

User Info: TroutPaste

4 weeks ago#2
Sorry for the double post, wanted to fix the typo and make it more clear

Been a little out of the loop this past week or so, with the Steam sale. Haven't been many FGB posts... probably because of the sale.

Ready to get back into it!

User Info: mach25687

4 weeks ago#3
Let me know and thanks again Trout.
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User Info: jerrygamer2

4 weeks ago#4
I'm in and thanks.
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User Info: yemmy

4 weeks ago#5
@me or just message me if you don't mind

My dumb ass will forget and it is a game that I think you would enjoy playing co op.

User Info: TroutPaste

4 weeks ago#6
We have a Discord now


Just don't do anything wrong, basically. Same rules as GameFAQs apply, only no arguing about petty stuff. No politics, either
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User Info: crazygamer21

4 weeks ago#7
add me to the list, thanks

User Info: TarElessar

4 weeks ago#8
Sign me up

User Info: randy_123r

4 weeks ago#9
Added a reminder to Google Home. Thanks.
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User Info: Veggeta X

Veggeta X
4 weeks ago#10
Me please
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  3. Watch Dogs 2 on Uplay. Sunday, June 12th. Info inside. Request @ if you want.
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