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User Info: aquadus

5 years ago#1
Post the mixes you find and what you get for them. Might be that little extra someone is looking for.

Sock+Battery=Super Sock Mace

Sock+Bar of Soap=Sock Mace

Lighter+Plastic Fork=Molten plastic

Comb+Razor Blade=Razor Comb

Glue+Toilet paper=Paper Mache

Paper Mache+Paper Mache=Fake Vent Cover

Duct Tape+Purple Magazine=Poster

Bed sheet+Pillow+Pillow=Bed Dummy

Ink+Paper Mache+Paper Mache=Fake Wall Cover

Wire+Wire+Wire=Fake Fence Cover

Crowbar+Duct Tape+Makeshift Handle=Flimsy Pickaxe

Blue Book/Pillow+Inmate Outfit+Duct Tape=Padded Inmate Outfit

File+Timber=Makeshift Handle

Bed Sheet+Bed Sheet=Sheet Rope

Talcum powder+Toothpaste=Putty

Duct tape+File+File=Flimsy Cutters

Timber+Timber=Timber Brace

timber+Timber+Timber=Unvarnished Chair

Lightweight Shovel+Duct Tape+Metal Sheet=Sturdy Shovel

Putty+Red Key=Red Key Mold

Putty+Yellow Key=Yellow Key Mold

Putty+Cyan Key=Cyan Key Mold

Putty+Green Key=Green Key Mold

Putty+Purple Key=Purple Key Mold

Inmate Outfit+Bleach=Overalls

Molten Plastic+Red Key Mold=Plastic Red Key

Molten Plastic+Yellow Key Mold=Plastic Yellow Key

Molten Plastic+Cyan Key Mold=Plastic Cyan Key

Molten Plastic+Green Key Mold=Plastic Green Key

Molten Plastic+Purple Key Mold=Plastic Purple Key

That's all I've gotten so far. Add to the list if you can. Please look to see what has been posted so you don't repost info that is already here. Who knows. You might find something you need while you look. It'll also save time for someone that actually needs the extra help.

Reminder for PC users. Hold down the CTRL+F keys and you will bring up a search function. Only works for the page you are viewing, but it looks for exactly what you type in the box. On that note...

Everyone please put things in this thread EXACTLY as they are spelled in the game to make things easier for everyone else. No cutting out or shortening words. I know typing all the words can seem tiresome. If you think it's too much of a bother to do this right, don't post. I spent the time to type all this with my phone and am asking all of you to take the same care and consideration I have. Questions belong in another thread as well. Only formulas.

Thank you everyone for your help and good luck finding those formulas!!!!

User Info: dvs187

5 years ago#2
Timber x2+ wire- nunchucks
Duct tape + foil- contraband pouch (keep one in desk for shakedowns)
Sheet metal +inmate uniform+ duct tape- plated outfit
Inmate uniform+ duct tape+ pillow- cushioned outfit
Razor blade+ timber+ wire- whip
Overalls+ ink- guard outfit
Flimsy pickaxe+ timber+ duct tape- lightweight pickaxe (repeat with lightweight pick to get sturdy pickaxe)
Flimsy cutters+ file+ duct tape- lightweight cutters (repeat with lightweight cutters for sturdy cutters)
...... If I copied any I apologize, I'm doing this on my phone also and scrolling up and down to check is a pain lol... Hope this helps if you haven't found these already, good luck! :)

User Info: SlabAcid

5 years ago#3
Crowbar+crowbar+duct tape= Grapple Head

Grapple head+rope= Grappling Hook
Slab Acid: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPNUTj1dudPp9DYIFBnMl9EnAuQEAq9RI

User Info: General_Mitsua

5 years ago#4
Escapists Wikia to the rescue!

-PSN: DefcCon5
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User Info: General_Mitsua

5 years ago#5
dvs187 posted...
Duct tape + foil- contraband pouch (keep one in desk for shakedowns)

Does that actually work? I know having the pouch on you disables the detectors, but I doubt having one in your desk circumvents the guards finding your illegal stash.
-PSN: DefcCon5
-Social Club Crew Leader @ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mercenary_inc
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