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User Info: xiutye

7 months ago#1
So I was thinking about the issue of having super gear or materials for super gear guarded by or dropped by uber post game bosses.
I don't like it, and never have.
The problem seems fairly obvious: If you're giving me something that is power effecting like an uber sword then the impact of that is greatly lessened by the fact that I've already killed the meanest thing in the game to get it. What's left to do? Kill the super boss again but slightly faster because I have this new gear?

On the other hand, just having a trophy or whatever is lame. You want some sort of in-game reward for beating the thing that's meant to be the greatest challenge in the game because just bragging rights isn't going to cut it for everyone. And of particular note is that it should be something you only gain one of and only need one of, so you don't end up treating the super boss like a rando monster you're drop farming from. Which is what SO5 did, that's the worst possible scenario.

Here's what I came up with:
You beat the postgame super boss (E-Queen or whatever) and you're given a "temporal manipulation widget". This is a key item. Using it from the inventory allows you to pick any of several "key points" in the game and transport your party back to that time and place. Your current uber selves (levels, items, money, yada) will over-write the historical versions and you can then re-play the game from that point forward as if you'd not finished it yet. It's a chance to roflstomp any bosses that gave you a hassle the first time thru, and perhaps gather second copies of some items which are otherwise unique (altho this would be of limited utility).
In terms of party configuration... if you go back to a point where the party hasn't fully grouped up yet your folks would have to split so that everyone appears where they were at that point. But they'd keep their levels and anything equiped ect so that when they join (if you play in the past that far) they'll be buff. Could do slight dialog changes at those points to make it clear that these people know they're not meeting for the first time.

At any point when you're re-playing the past you can use the widget again to either return to the "present" (ie post-game) or else go to any "key point" you like. The same one again or one further back or ahead or whatever. Shred the entire timeline and snort the ashes, it's the postgame and nothing matters!

So it's kinda newgame+ but from within the game itself and starting from where you want.
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User Info: ShionJrCitrine

7 months ago#2
Well the only difference after beating the game really is 1 single Specialty added. So, for instance, if you want to go over lv 99 during the Soma portion towards the end of the game, you can...as long as you pay for it. I usually get the level limit up around Chapter 6 or 7.

When you say you've beaten post game bosses, did you mean the 3rd Ethereal Queen. The Ethereal Queen can be a bit easier if you jump from Emmerson to a healer.

If you have beaten the 3rd Ethereal Queen, the only thing left to do is to plat the game...if want to plat it. This game actually has a tough plat to get(a bit like Shinning Resonance Refrain)

User Info: xiutye

7 months ago#3
I was mainly talking about a postgame boss rewards system in general (for these types of games) rather than anything specific to SO5 itself, since SO5 was set in stone at launch and was never gonna get any update anyway (and that time widget thing would be a nightmare to patch in after the fact).
As for this game... it's just terrible. Other than plat (which for ppl like me means nothing) there's no real reason to fight the super bosses because the only reward is mats to make items that you don't need because you've already worked out how to kill the nastiest things in the game without them. SO4 had the same problem, except that at least the WD had RNG treasures and layout which could be interesting in a sort of quasi roguelike way. So there was something there. It's just a mistake imho to be putting any kind of power boosting reward behind the most powerful foe(s) in the game. But that's what they so often do because it's the most obvious reward and matches the pattern established throughout the rest of the game (kill nasty thing, get cool thing). I killed all the super bosses in SO5 once and then couldn't be bothered to fight them again. Partly because of the lack of interesting or meaningful reward, partly because the fights themselves are boring DMW spamfests and partly because the combat system itself just sucks.
I judge everyone based on their sig. If you wanna judge me for that, go ahead.
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