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User Info: markraynes

2 months ago#1
How can you keep track of the private actions, is there an in game list somewhere?

User Info: markraynes

2 months ago#2

User Info: starcrunch061

2 months ago#3
It's been a while, but I don't think you can keep track of the PAs. That's one of the deficiencies of the game, particularly since some PAs are missable (and others actually repeat, I think).

But again, I've been away from this game for a long time, so maybe I'm misremembering.

User Info: xiutye

2 months ago#4
There's no in-game list or anything for PAs, the best you can hope for is a guide. I don't see a PA specific guide on here anywhere but one of the full faqs might have a checklist. Or google might turn up something you can use.
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