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User Info: dranucus

1 year ago#1
got a few questions that i hope someone will be able to answer

1. Is the game, story wise, similar to the anime(utawarerumono itsuwari no kamen) or are ther big deviations. If similar does it add that much more than the anime?

2. how much actual gameplay is there in the game? The game seems visual novely, so wonder how much actual combat there is.

3. anyhting like multiple endings or what not cuz if the game has the same ending as the anime previously mentioned imma be mad salty.

thanks in advance.
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User Info: Dragen

1 year ago#2
1. I'm waiting to complete the game before I watch the anime based on this gamebut I've heard the anime doesn't go into the detail for some of the characters that the game does.

2. There are 16 or 17 battles in the regular story and over a dozen extra battles available after you beat the game. There are some long moments between battles on two occasions that I recall but part of that is to give you a sense of a passage of time where nothing fight-wise is happening to the characters. You can re-do past battles during those times if you want to.

3. No different endings or actual choices between characters. It's a linear story. Make sure you have the 3rd game ready to play once you beat this, which is the 2nd game.

Go ahead and watch the anime based on the original game either before or as you're playing this. It's newly added to Crunchyroll as of a week ago.
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User Info: Psiho_C

1 year ago#3
as someone who did play all 3 games (the original from years ago that gets a remake:3 ), and saw all anime, I will guaranty you that you will glad to play all 3 of them. And yes, there are bits and bits that are different in the anime but still the same in the end, the game is better at atmosphere while the anime has better nude scenes. So you get what I mean? (reading a book, these games are hours and hours of reading, or seeing the book's movie adaptation).
Story, just reading, depending how fast you are, around 10-30 hours, gameplay in case you wish to do 100%, 10-20 hours, so it takes like 20-30 hours to finish the main game (I mean, even at the start of the game its says: normal difficulty is for whoever wishes to enjoy the story) if rush(not skipped), and like 40-50 hours if you do everything (since postgame is actually hard but no story, just small scenes)
You have choices of what scene so see, first, but you need to choose everything in order to advance, meaning nothing is missable (ng+ is only if you what more items, no extra stuff) but the whole story is one line of story as well, same for mask of true)
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User Info: dranucus

1 year ago#4
cool thanks for the answers. so mostly what i thought it would be and damn that long huh? well more bang for the buck.
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