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  3. Chapter 26 is a very fair and totally not cheap level at all.

User Info: Takimeko

7 months ago#1
So, I just picked up X Zone 2 again after about 1 or 2 years of not playing due to 3DS trouble. I decided to start playing again, going through and having a decent time
Then f***ing Chapter 25-26 come in and now i'm on the verge of just saying f*** it and smashing the cartridge with a hammer.

I've been trying all sorts of s***, from changing up my tactics (like either having a few characters guard the DT or just going through an all out attack), to even looking up stuff online that I thought would help. Nothing has worked, and the only thing I can think of is that either my party isn't leveled up enough (which would be absolutely ridiculous considering it's a linear RPG), or the level is just straight up nonsense (which I think it totally is.) I'm abusing the hell out of items, using multi-attacks as much as possible (though when I do they do pitiful damage and even then I seem to have atrocious luck cuz they are very rarely ever available, and when they are it's a character who has pretty much no attack range.), and i'm countering at every opportunity I get.
I honestly don't even know what to say, this level sucks.
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User Info: tommy101

4 months ago#2
I don't recall having a problem, but then maybe that was because I'd played Project x Zone immediately before it, which I found to be a more difficult game.

The fact the topic title seems to be different to the topic itself reminded me of this:

The Tenth Doctor: It used to be easy ... you could hop between realities, home in time for tea. / Batman Begins: FFXV (www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd8c4uIoU2w)

User Info: Martyr__

4 months ago#3
My strategy was that I relied on characters like Strider and Ichiro Ogami that could increase the movement range of other allies using the skills menu. Option B for Strider and Cpt. Command: Wind for Ichiro.

I also used the solo unit axel mainly because one of his skills raises attack by a huge amount and the other one increases XP by 100 points. I usually pair him with the Chun-li unit because most of their attacks connect without any problem.

I spammed the hell out of multi-attacks.

The characters I beat the stage with were

Strider unit and Dante unit fighting against the demons

Chun-li unit, Ciel unit, and the X unit against the zombies

KOS - MOS unit and Akira unit against Pyron's side

Reiji unit and Chrom unit fighting against Skeith and Tri edge

The problem here was with damage output and not health (since I had so many revival potions) so all my items I equipped my units with were only attack based.

I also used skill that raised damage before doing a multi attack or attacking a boss.

I always made sure I had enough points to use a special attack on an enemy just in case something went wrong and the damage didn't go through how i thought it would.

I did this over a few times and was able to get through not by my strategy but because a flying zombie took pity on me and decide on to kill my motivation.

I hoped this at least helped.

Also certain auto skills are OP

User Info: gamemaster712

3 months ago#4
Until this chapter I didn’t even know I can customize where my units go and which ones I wanna send out minus the default setting. It’s bad design but definitely doable. Good time as any to use the items
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  2. Project X Zone 2
  3. Chapter 26 is a very fair and totally not cheap level at all.
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