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User Info: Orpeiu50

4 weeks ago#31
@Jibui @contrafan but if im honestly, i wouldn't mind waiting for 2020 or 2021 if this mean we'll get a game that's not rushed (look at the 7-8 empty squares of PXZ2...they obiously planed more pairs/solos but couldn't because they only had 2 years for making PXZ2 it seems) and has a more polished gameplay.

PXZ2 was only in dev for 2 years (it started in like mid 2013 i think) and the game suffered for it, i'd rather this time around they take their time and we don't get a disapointing 4th entry with reashed stuff like PXZ2, the game was really disapointing was too safe...NxC to PXZ1 was 6 years and they actually had a decent amount of newcomers and gameplay changes unlike PXZ2.

PX2 to PX3 would be 5 years gap if it releases in 2020, so that'd be more than enough for a decent amount of new stuff and gameplay improvements.

This time around they'll likely include Code Vein, Persona, Bayonetta and Viewtiful Joe, and maybe someone from Digimon and Dragon's Dogma as a solo (One of the unique NPCs could work like Erika Mishima for Digimon or Mercedes Marten for DD, the God Eater reps: Alisa, Nana and Ciel are NPCs in GE series after all...)
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User Info: blee7442

4 weeks ago#32
Say. I'm looking at the Namco X Capcom videos and if there's one thing that I hope comes back in PXZ3 is the multiple assaults that Namco X Capcom had those were really cool and i would've liked to see those things come back. What was cool about them was that you two separate units do them instead of each unit having one multiple assault or whatever it is that they called it in the PXZ games.
And You're only going to get better.(Sonic generations.)

User Info: Anarky777

3 days ago#33
Hi, I'm kind of new here and admittedly not as experienced as all of you, I have only played the x zoned for about a year but, I had some ideas about gameplay.

First: I think the game could benefit from a training grounds. I know their is already training, but this training would give xp to level up characters. To prevent abuse this could be limited to a max level that the enemies in the next level have.

Secondly: To prevent oversaturation of enemies and overly long levels, there could be a limit to the number of allies you can take in a battle, this would prevent the placement of mass enemies to counterbalance the player's forces. Combined with the new training grounds it would solve most level unbalances that would arise.

Thirdly: Remove the reliance of items. I feel items trivialize the game for the most part, and I think if the player was given specific items for levels, for example: the first level gave you three green herbs and 2 xp boosters with a cure kit. You could use the items knowing they would not carry to the next level, you would not have to worry about not having items, or usong too much.

Lastly a stronger reliance on gear. Make gear matter more and have more you can equip on a character that gives special abilities. Chests should be removed as even in timed missions they are easy to get, and only serve to draw out battles even longer. Most chests also include non-unique items. I feel that equipment should be gained at the end of the level.
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