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User Info: Orpeiu50

2 years ago#21
blee7442 posted...
One thing to keep in mind guys is that the roster would be decided from all the games that were released at the point they started on a PxZ3. If it gets announced either this year or next then that automatically means that games that were released last year, or this year is unlikely to get characters in if they decided on the roster in 16 or 17.

yeah, that's why im 50/50 on code vein.

Altrough, i'm sure God Eater 3, Valkyria Cronicles 4, Berseria, Breath of Fire 6 have a big chance, i also think a Dragon's Dogna solo is really likely i think they decided the roster in like '18 at earliest...i dont see PXZ3 being in dev in '16 or '17 at all.

There's also the possible guest characters that are almost imposible to predict since it could be technically any videogame character ever, so those are a curveball.

User Info: XyujuQz099

2 years ago#22
If there's gonna be cuts, here are my choices for who I don't want to return in PXZ3.


Kogoro, Akira, Alisa B., Bahn, BlackRose, Bruno, Chris, Chrom, Cyrille, Demitri, Estelle, Flynn, Gemini, Heihachi, Ichiro, Jill, Jin, June, Kagemaru, Kazuya, Ken, Kite, Lindow, Lucina, Nana, Natsu, Pai, Rikiya, Ryo, Toma, Tron & Servbots, Ulala, Valkyrie, Vergil, Xiaoyu and Yuri.


Ein, Drei, Black Hayato, Ciseaux, Coco Tapioca, Dural, Druk, Gespenst, Juri, Kamuz, Lord Raptor, Marduk, Nemesis, Pyron, Riemsianne, Robot Axel, Seth, Shadow, Shtrom/Jr., Solo, Unknown, Ustanak, Vajra and Zagi.
Crossovers... Possibilities are endless...
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User Info: gamemaster712

1 year ago#24
I love vesperia but I prefer Lloyd/kratos/Colette combo for once.
Symphonia really paved quite a stepping stone for tales popularity in west...

Alternative would be luke/tear/guy/jade combo mixed in
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User Info: IceWave

1 year ago#25
CircusMonster posted...
I understand Valkryie's a pretty constant mainstay in crossovers, but does ANYONE outside of Japan even know who she is aside from these games? I feel she gets a lot more attention than she really deserves.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Valkyrie will never stop appearing in crossovers. She’s the female poster child for Namco, much like Pac-Man is their male poster child. If Namco has a crossover with any company, you can bet that Valkyrie will be in it, whether your like it or not. She’s a Tales cameo mainstay (whether by actually appearing or just her outfit) and even ended up in Valkyrie Anatomia of all things, so I don’t think she will ever get the boot.

The next time she does make an appearance in a possible PXZ3, I would like it if she was made playable as part of a pair unit, as two appearances as a solo support is enough. She was a solo field combat unit in Namco x Capcom, so I don’t know why they don’t just implement this again.
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