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    I will try a more complete list:

    > Ryo Hazuki: He's just completely useless to the party and he isn't a very interesting character either, there's other SEGA characters that have more personality and would actually be helpful to the party.

    > Axel Stone: Either take his design from the most recent SoR game or kick him out, like Ryo he just doesn't offer much to the party, he's just a dude who punchs and has a bland design.

    > Vergil and Kazuya: It was fun to have them in the party in one game, but i think they should stay as villains not party members in the next game.

    > Kage-Maru: Another boring character that doesn't belong in this game at all, there's far more interesting Virtua Fighter characters to pick from that this ninja dude.

    > 2nd Sakura Wars pairing: This is ABSOLUTELY not needed for a 3rd time in a row, pick 2 sakura wars characters and make it a pair, one of them can be a solo unit i guess, but not 2 pairs again, there's a Sakura Wars game coming out in 2020 too, so i wouldn't get my hopes up.

    > Kite: Just give Haseo a partner from Hack/G.U

    > Resonance of Fate trio: I love them, but they overstayed their welcome, they're characters from a niche game that didn't even have a sequel or a spin-off, they time is over.

    > Yuri/Flynn/Estellise: I love Vesperia, but they have been there for 2 times in a row with no changes, give the spot to the Berseria or Xillia cast.

    > Segata Sanshiro: It was funny the first time, but i feel he needs to be a one-hit wonder of he will be stale fast.

    > Chrom, Lucina, Fiora: I like them, but i'd rather they got replaced by other guests from another company so we can have another surprise 3 or 4 characters from a non-sega/capcom/namco bandai company, i wouldn't even mind if the guests were indie or anime characters i want them to surprise us with the guests, but that's just personal taste territory.

    Glad you have no say in the game. Wow. We need only more people not cuts. The teams i would like to see:
    bring back senjou no valkyria team
    Lyn/Hector - Roy Solo unit
    Chrono/Frog - Marle Solo unit
    Terry Bogard/ Rock Howard OR Kyo
    Cress Albein/Reid Hershel
    Link/ anybody from hyrule warriors form
    Axel stone is perfectly fine and the recent costume from streets of rage 4 would kill him.

    Add Ganon and Gill to villian list.

    Most of those arent even capcom/namco/sega, also Link doesn't talk so if we get a Zelda rep, it will be stuff like HW Zelda, HW Impa, Midna or Prince Sidon.