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User Info: Sonan123

3 years ago#1
So I sent an email to Spiders and they replied...

My message:

Will you have a limited amount of items that you can carry? I read that you can pick up materials to craft with. Is there a limit on how many I can hold? Also, can I have multiple versions of the different weapons and can I carry them on me at all times? Is there a bank-type system?

Do crafting materials respawn?

Are you able to fully fill out all of the skill trees? In this video:

at 3:40 it says "master one or all stances" but what could be meant is "master one stance or dabble in all..."

Do enemies respawn and if so, will they still drop items/ give exp. Also, if they do respawn, will they level with you or are they level locked to a zone?

Some games lock the enemies to the level of when you first enter, even if you don't kill them and leave to come back later, they will always be the lower level. Did you do that?

Their answer:

I’ll try to answer your questions :

In The technomancer your inventory is limited by the weight you can carry. You can have different versions of weapons or even armor pieces as long as you’re not overweight. There is a chest in your room where you can store materials or equipment pieces.

Crafting material spread in the environment are not respawning, but as enemies respawn after a while and as some of them are carrying some, you shouldn’t be out of materials.

During one play through you won’t be able to fulfil all the skill trees and will have to make choices.

Enemies levels are linked to your progression in the story, the game is not adapting the enemies level to yours so if you find a too difficult path you can still go farming somewhere else to gain some levels and then come back.

The company is great in that never have I seen such a well answered question.
Go those guys.

User Info: lastfirstborn

3 years ago#2
That explains a lot! Thanks for sharing.
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User Info: ViFU

3 years ago#3
I love Spiders.

They just get better and better. You can tell they put a lot of love into what they do and they are a very talented group of people.

We really need to support them and this game is definitely worth full price.
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User Info: Sonan123

3 years ago#4
ViFU posted...

We really need to support them and this game is definitely worth full price.

Right? Especially since it is only $45 full price, vs. the $60 that you see everywhere.

User Info: jasondavis378

3 years ago#5
I just got this one

User Info: Blackout_Menace

3 years ago#6
jasondavis378 posted...
I just got this one

Honestly, if it wasn't pointed out to me by Steam, I never would have known about it. Such a let down that they didn't market this better.
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