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  3. Problem with being able to talk to Scott

User Info: Morious03

2 years ago#1
I'm needing to talk to Scott to finish up the food poison quest, as well as the quest with the one armed guy.. I try talking to him, but nothing at all happens when I do.. Soo.. Cannot get the guy from,my party due to,it being his personal quest.. Any suggestions?
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User Info: Fiach

2 years ago#2
Not sure, complete the personal quest or load an earlier save would be my recommendations.
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User Info: drclaeys

2 years ago#3

There was like 3 distinct point in this game I "THOUGHT" it was glitched. It seems all 3 times, I was doing something wrong, .. wrong time, wrong person... or not quite the right spot... so wrong spot.

Do all the normal stuff.. save far away... turn your machine off and on.. reload.. walk back to force a cell reload. But this game is pretty small, so I am not sure if cells loading is your problem.

but GOOD LUCK, we can say that.
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  3. Problem with being able to talk to Scott
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