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  3. Some dude just went 42-0

User Info: crazyeightz1

2 years ago#31
I see your 42-0 and raise you a 48-0.

User Info: EdwardDarkstar

2 years ago#32
Monoxide_Child_ posted...
How the hell would 100-0 even be possible? 100 is the score limit, so what like literally everyone else in the game did nothing?

Exactly. One guy kills, the others just run around to not get kicked.
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User Info: Monoxide_Child_

2 years ago#33
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard people actually do that? That's what's wrong with gaming today
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User Info: JSpilla

2 years ago#34
people accusing others of cheating is what's wrong with gaming today. am i right guys?

User Info: Monoxide_Child_

2 years ago#35
I never accused anyone of hacking I actually posted this because I thought it was pretty amazing but through this topic I've learned apparently that's not **** compared to others
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User Info: werkz_destroyz

2 years ago#36
Level and prestiging means nothing though ? ....
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User Info: bk201soren

2 years ago#37
bp4Christ posted...
More than likely he was hacking. Report him for cheating in game and view his gamer card and report him for cheating there. Add a comment to the report that says "possibly hacking in blops3. Very suspicious gameplay."

At least have the title creator watch him in theater before assuming he is cheating. A good player who stat reset should be the first thing that comes to mind, not that this score is impossible for anyone but a cheater.

I can't say I've seen anyone cheat on the xbox 1 version of the game yet. I've seen the jitter mod, which is more of a modded controller. And I've seen people one-hit kill with automatic weapons before, which was suspicious as hell. But there was never really a lot of proof surrounding that one. So I'm still not convinced xbox 1 has been broken yet.

User Info: Clubasaurus71

2 years ago#38
Makes me wonder why they even added an option to report cheating since there just can't be any cheaters on the newer consoles, but they have the option to report through COD3 and Xbox One separately.

User Info: brainbell25

2 years ago#39
I'm not surprised that someone is capable of going 42-0. But 42-0 on that clusterf*** of a map known as Nuketown? Not saying the guy was hacking, but to me it would take some real serious skill to go 42-0 on Nuketown.

User Info: thebest99

2 years ago#40
It's a pretty nice score and indicates your team was pretty terrible. It happens, but 42-0 is pretty bottom tier as far as flawless games go according to youtube.
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