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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#1
In Chapter 3 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario takes to the sky to face the Glitz Pit - located in scenic smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-the-sky Glitzville - and fights through the ranks in order to achieve glory and, eventually, the championship belt.


What is the Glitz Pit, you ask? It's the main attraction of Glitzville, where rich and poor alike come together for the amazing matches that take place miles above the ground. The Pit's unique fighting ring is an attraction that has no equal - for both the fighters that choose to compete, as well as the fans who are treated with an exciting experience.


Glitzville is a paradoxical city in the sky, and no one truly knows how such a large city manages to stay afloat. Every city has its own share of events, and as thus Glitzville also attracts characters of various aspirations. And, although these events may merely be fleeting, surely there will be special moments and memories from those who choose to participate.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#2
= Your Objective =

Like Mario's Glitz Pit journey, you too must find a way to ascend the ranks of the Glitz Pit and take the championship belt for your team.

– – –

= Rules =

// Battle Types //
~ There are three types of battles in the Glitz Pit.
League Battles: Challenge the computer team above you to rise up in rank!
Quest Battles: Gain some unique rewards for winning in these battles!
Player Spars: Fight against another player's team for glory!
~ All battles give Star Points and Coins, which will help make your characters stronger.
~ Each contender is only allowed one League Battle per day.

// Levels and Stat-Ups //
~ All characters start at 0 SP and Level 0, with 0 BP.
~ For every level-up, a character's HP and FP increases.
~ For every five level-ups, a character gains a stat-up, as well as 3 BP.
~ Stat-ups may be used on either ATK or DEF.

// Battle //
~ Battles are turn-based. The lower rank (in official matches) or the defender (in unsanctioned matches) goes first.
~ In league and spar matches, the winner is the team that is able to K.O. all of the other team.
~ In quest matches, there may be unique win conditions. You’ll have an objective that will give you an idea of what to do.

– – –

= Making a Character =

Ready to create a fighter of your own?

You can team up with others to make your team, or you can go and create a whole team by yourself. Players can make multiple teams. Note, that if you team up with other people, that only one player needs to show up in order to battle.

A team can consist of one (Solo), two (Duo), or three (Trio) characters out on the field of battle.

Multi-man teams get a special move called a Synchrostrike, which can be used when a party member is in Danger and the team’s total HP is < 50%.

Solo fighters get an Adrenaline Rush, a passive move which automatically kicks in when you hit Danger.

I would highly recommend viewing the below link in order to make your characters:

= Glitz Pit League Standings =
Teams in italics belong to a player.

--=-- Major League --=--
CHAMP -- ??????
1st -- Desert Fury
2nd -- Mecha Mayhem
3rd -- Necronomicon
4th -- Shogun Servant
5th -- Frost Federation
--=-- Middle League --=--
CHAMP -- The Forbidden
7th -- Ritz Blitz
8th -- Grief of Crieff
9th -- Kulle Kohorts
10th -- Finishing Touch
11th -- Static Interference
12th -- Flame Fanatics
13th -- Mortar & Pestle
14th -- Painbow
15th -- Low Rider
16th -- Graveyard Shift
--=-- Minor League --=--
CHAMP -- The Revenant
18th -- Dragon’s Den
19th -- Flight Club
20th -- The Amazing Flying Lopen
21st -- Tiny Dynamo
22nd -- Dark Magic
23rd -- Technoviking
24th -- Heavy Artillery
25th -- Past and Future
26th -- Fragile Fiends
27th -- The Party Crashers
28th -- Rat Burglars

= Quest List =

Look around - Glitzville is bustling with life, and as follows naturally, trouble. Taking quests is optional, but can earn you exclusive items! Players can take any quest in their rank, starting with Rising Star. Complete quests to boost your rank and unlock more quests! Perhaps there’s even a secret rank…?

--=-- A-List Star --=--
Level 9 - Divide & Conquer
Level 8 - Criminal Mischief
Level 7 - Ghost Hunt
--=-- B-List Star --=--
Level 6 - Super Smacktacular
Level 5 - Femme Fatale
Level 4 - Cold Reception
--=-- Rising Star --=--
Level 3 - Escape Room
Level 2 - Night Owl
Level 1 - Control Variable
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#3
= Player Teams =

Player Team Progress Sheet: https://goo.gl/zM56NY


~ Painbow ~

Storm // Lakitu Cloud // 53/53 HP, 30/30 FP, 0 DEF (Floating!) (Weak to Fire, Resists Ice!) [+2 ATK]

Charged Charge: 6 direct-any ice damage.
Mist (7 FP): 8 direct AoE ice damage.
Crashing Strike (7 FP): 12 indirect-any ice damage.
Bitter Cold (4 FP): Makes all enemies one stage weaker to Ice for 3 turns (including the turn it is used)

Ralph // R/B/Y Virus // 43/43 HP, 30/30 FP, 0 DEF [+2 ATK]
Passive Ability: Color Switch - Ralph starts off as a Red Virus, and may freely switch between the three colors at the beginning of each turn. When Ralph is Red, he gets +1 ATK, when he's Yellow, he gets +1 DEF, and when he's Blue, he becomes Fast, but only on every third turn.

Sickle Cell: 5 direct-ground piercing damage.
Vigor Up! (3 FP): Increases Ralph or Storm's Atk by 3 for the next two turns.
Valor Up! (3 FP): Increases Ralph or Storm's Def by 2 for the next two turns
Boosted Blow (7 FP): 10 indirect-any damage. If Ralph is Red, this move applies 3-turn Burn. If Ralph is Yellow, this move does 50% draining. If Ralph is Blue, this move can have elemental attributes of choice applied to it

Synchrostrike: Terminal Prognosis - Every opponent takes 2 indirect damage on the turn this is used, and then proceeds to take 4, 6, 8, and 10 indirect damage on the four turns that follow.


~ Grief of Crieff ~

Foreman Norman // Lakitu // 53/53 HP, 34/34 FP, 0 DEF (Spiky!) [+2 ATK]

Toolbox: 5 indirect anywhere damage.
Cloud Splash (4 FP): 11 direct front damage.
Safety Hazard (5 FP): Makes an enemy Safe for two turns, and flips them if applicable. Safe enemies are considered front-ground and temporarily lose any contact statuses.
Bulldoze (7 FP): 8 indirect damage to one row.

Struction Crew // Eggplant Man, Gotchawrench, and Kong // 60/60 HP, 34/34 FP, 2 DEF [+2 DEF]

Dismantle: 5 direct front-ground damage. Inflicts Destructed (i.e. Poisoned) for two turns.
Maintain (5 FP): Restores 5 HP to the team.
Fortify (5 FP): Grants one ally 1/2 damage and one ally Payback for one turn.
Renovate (6 FP [+1 per stat-up)): Summons Furniture to the field with either Spiky, Airborne, or +2 DEF. Can be placed anywhere.

Furniture // 9/9 HP, 3 DEF (Weak to Fire!) [+2 DEF]
Timber: 5 direct front-ground damage. If Spiky, damage becomes 4 direct anywhere. If airborne, damage becomes 3 indirect anywhere.

Synchrostrike: Fort Crieff - Summons Fort Crieff, which acts as a 16 HP shield that covers the team. While the fort stands, it can attack once per turn, dealing 5 indirect piercing damage to any enemy.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#4
~ The Amazing Flying Lopen ~

Lopen // Dark Craw // 65/65 HP, 40/40 FP, 1 DEF [+1 DEF]
Passive Ability: Kiss the Sky! - At the start of his turn, The Lopen may change his elevation to whatever he desires.

Falling Stab: 8 ATK. Direct-Front-Current Elevation.
Going Up (7+X FP): Gives X enemies the Dizzy status and the Ceiling elevation for 3 turns.
Double Down (10 FP): For the next 2 Turns, The Lopen is Fast, and his ATK increases by an amount equal to half his Basic attack (rounded down).
Flyby (5 FP): 6 ATK. Direct-All-Current Elevation.
Backslide (7 FP): For the next 3 turns, The Lopen gains +2 DEF, and he cannot be targeted by attacks that exclusively target the Front row.
Spear Drop (4X-2 FP): Indirect-Any 4X ATK. X has an absolute maximum of 3.
Regrowth (3.5X FP): The Lopen heals for Danger HP times X. X has an absolute maximum of 4.

Adrenaline Rush: Storm Surge - The Lopen recovers 10 FP and becomes Fast for 2 turns.


~ The Party Crashers ~

Koopio // Red Koopa Kid // 22/22 HP, 12/12 FP, 2 DEF

Bowser Breath: Does 4 Damage, Front Indirect
Spiny Orb (4 FP): Does 6 Damage, Piercing Front Indirect
Coin Block (8 FP): Heals either Koopa Kid 8 HP for 2 turns
Mushroom (4 FP): Gives Koopigi Big for 3 turns

Koopigi // Green Koopa Kid // 32/32 HP, 12/12 FP, 0 DEF

Bowser Shell: Does 4 Damage, Direct Any
Vacuum Orb (5 FP): Does 4 Damage to all foes, Direct
Boo Bell (3 FP): Does 8 Damage, Front-Ground Indirect
Magic Wand Orb (5 FP): Gives Koopigi Fast for 2 turns

Synchrostrike: Bowser's Ztars! - Koopio throws a Bowser Space on the floor and Koopigi jumps on it, causing Bowser comes in and gives them a hand, giving two Ztars out to the two frontmost foes (or the same foe twice if there is only one), which absorb 6 HP each and give it to a Koopa Kid.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#5
~ Kulle Kohorts ~

Maverick // Justice Mask? // 60/60 HP, 34/34 FP, 2 DEF [+2 DEF]

Grapple: Maverick inflicts the Grappled status on one opponent, which lasts until Maverick is stunned or uses a move other than Grapple. Grapple is direct, but can still target hard contact statuses, dealing 3 damage to Maverick.
Suplex (4 FP): Maverick Suplexes any enemy, dealing 8 direct damage. If the target is Grappled when Suplex is used, they are also Feared and Soft for one turn.
Justify (7 FP): Maverick flexes, ready to deflex any attacks coming his way. Grants Maverick the JUSTICE (aka Payback) status for 3 turns. If Maverick has Payback when an enemy is Grappled, indirect attacks will inflict 1/2 damage to the Grappled target.
Battering Ram (7 FP): Maverick charges through all ground enemies, dealing 8 direct damage. If an enemy is Grappled, they are used as a battering ram instead, changing the damage to indirect everywhere, and dealing any contact consequences to the Grappled target.

Cashile // Bandit // 56/56 HP, 34/34 FP, 0 DEF (Weak to Fire!) [+2 ATK]
Passive Ability: Opportunist - If an enemy is stunned or Grappled, Cashile can hit them with 100% accuracy.

Stab: Cashile deals 6 indirect damage to the front enemy. If that enemy is Grappled, Cashile inflicts Wounded (2 damage/turn) for 2 turns.
Execute (4 FP): Cashile shoots the front enemy, dealing 10 indirect damage. If the enemy is Grappled, they are Heal Blocked for 2 turns.
Hide (4 FP): Cashile becomes Invisible for 1 turn. If Cashile attacks a Grappled enemy on his next turn, the damage dealt is Piercing.
Firebomb (6 FP): Cashile throws an explosive, dealing 8 indirect fire damage to all ground enemies. If an enemy is Grappled when Firebomb is used, either Maverick or Cashile are caught in the blast, becoming Fiery for 2 turns.

Synchrostrike: Full Moon - Maverick and Cashile are both healed for Danger HP. Maverick gains Taunt for three turns. While the Taunt is in effect, Cashile benefits from all of his moves' Grapple bonuses against all enemies.


~ Finishing Touch ~

Geon // Steel Spinia // 37/37 HP, 36/36 FP, 5 DEF [+2 DEF]

Top Spin: 5 DMG Direct Front Ground 2 turn poison
Springboard (3 FP): 7 DMG Indirect Any
Gear Spin (5 FP): +4 ATK to an ally for 2 turns
Quick Repair (7 FP): 14HP Heal

Tekket // Paint Guy // 52/52 HP, 36/36 FP, 0 DEF [+2 ATK]
Passive Ability: Hold Fast - If HP would reach 0, hold on with 1 HP until the next friendly turn. Only works once, and requires an ally on the field.
Passive Ability: Bucket Block: When a member on the team gets a negative status, one partner gets a 1-hit shield the following turn. Does not block status, single person shield, can't stack in any way (including multiple on the field).

Bucket Combo: 6 DMG Indirect Ground
Paint Tornado (5 FP): 11 DMG Indirect Front
Slosher (4 FP): 7 DMG Ground Indirect Fire Drive
Dark Star (9 FP): 3 turns of stone

Synchrostrike: Dark Paint Rising - Geon gets Taunt for 2 turns, Tekket gets Fast for 2 turn and recovers 5 FP, and one of the two recover 10 HP.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#6
~ Dark Magic ~

Kenny // Magikoopa // 31/31 HP, 16/16 FP, 1 DEF

Geometric Blast: Does 3 indirect damage to 1 opponent
Wand Saver (4 FP): Gives a +2 DEF boost to either Dakota or himself for 3 turns
Knowledgeable Fact (5 FP): Kenny shares a very knowledgeable fact with either Dakota or himself, letting that person become more informed, and healing them 10 HP
Piercing Spell (6 FP): Does 7 direct, defense-piercing damage to a single opponent, that pierces through any contact defense as well

Dakota // Boo // 26/26 HP, 16/16 FP, 2 DEF

Scare: Does 2 indirect damage to 1 opponent. 25% chance of giving opponent Shrink for 1 turn
Magic Trick (5 FP): 10 direct, ground-only damage to 1 opponent
Jack of All Trades (9 FP): 8 direct damage to all opponents
Possessive Much? (16 FP): Dakota possesses an opponent, making the affected do something wrong that doesn't affect Dark Magic. Lasts 3 turns

Synchrostrike: Magic Show - Dakota puts on a top hat and bowtie. He tips his hat off to their opponents and Kenny shoots it with magic. Dakota holds up his top hat above his head, towards their opponents as it turns into a black hole. Sucks up all opponents, doing 7 damage. The black hole feeds off of the opponents’ energy when sucking them in, so it heals both Kenny and Dakota 5 HP and 5 FP.


~ Past and Future ~

Atem // Dryite // 35/35 HP, 14/14 FP, 0 DEF

Fire Punch: Atem sets his fists ablaze with magic and strikes an opponent. Deals 4 direct Fire damage, targets anywhere.
Sandstorm Slam (6 FP): Atem rams into all opponents with a sandstorm propelling him forward. Deals 4 indirect damage to all ground opponents, then gives Atem Fast next turn, regardless of whether or not it hits.
Hinotama (7 FP): Atem sends a massive blast of fire at an opponent. Deals 10 indirect Fire damage, targets anywhere.
Call of the Haunted (9 FP): Atem summons the spirits of the desert to enchant him and his allies. Gives Atem or Lore "Enchanted" for 2 turns. The Enchanted status effect gives the effected 5 extra ATK, which can be applied to item damage and Synchro-Strike damage.

Lore // Mecha-Chomp // 30/30 HP, 14/14 FP, 0 DEF
Passive Ability: Limiter Removal - When Lore uses an attack item, he can pick a number between 1 and 3 (+1.5 every 5 levels). The damage of the attack item is increased by the chosen number, while you lose the chosen number in FP.

Laser Shot: Deals 3 indirect damage, targets anywhere.
Item Replication (8 FP): Creates a random item that is either an attack item, an alleviate item, or an augment item and adds it into the inventory.
Raigeki Break (4 FP): Deals 5 indirect damage, targets anywhere. Lore can discard an item to give this attack one of the following effects depending on the type of item that was discarded.
ALLEVIATE / Now deals 2 more damage and drains HP.
ATTACK / Now deals 2 more damage and deals AOE damage.
AUGMENT / Now deals 2 more damage and Shrinks for 3 turns.
Energy Forcefield (7 FP): Atem or Lore receives a 10 HP shield (+0.40/lv) until it breaks. If the shield survives one turn, the protected can sacrifice the shield to receive an extra turn. This extra turn does not stack with Fast or any other similar effects.

Synchrostrike: Hyper Beam - Deals 10 indirect damage to all opponents on the field. If this KO's any number of opponents, Lore can perform an extra basic attack equal to the previously mentioned number.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#7
= Souvenir Stand =

Looking for something to spice up your characters' game? Need a little extra help to get through a match? Look no further! In here, we've got lots of items and badges!

Teams can hold up to 5 items in their shared inventory.

Alleviate Items - Running low on fuel? Stock up on our helpful healing hors d'oeuvres!
Danger HP is 7 minus your starting DEF.

Mushroom (5 coins) - Heals Danger HP.
Super Mushroom (12 coins) - Heals 2*Danger HP.
Shroom Steak (25 coins) - Heals 4*Danger HP.
Slow Shroom (10 coins) - Heals 2 HP per turn for 5 turns.
Stamina Juice (20 coins) - Heals 4 HP per turn for 5 turns.
Meteor Meal (15 coins) - Heals Danger HP then 2 HP for 4 more turns.

Honey Syrup (5 coins) - Heals 5 FP.
Maple Syrup (12 coins) - Heals 10 FP.
Special Shake (25 coins) - Heals 20 FP.
Gradual Syrup (10 coins) - Heals 2 FP a turn for 5 turns.
Koopa Tea (20 coins) - Heals 4 FP per turn for 5 turns.

Hot Dog (12 coins) - Heals Danger HP and 5 FP.
Yoshi's Cookie (25 coins) - Heals 2*Danger HP and 10 FP.
Zess Special (37 coins) - Heals 4*Danger HP and 20 FP.

Attack Items - Turn yourself into a force to be reckoned with with these items!
Item ATK is 5 for solos, 3 for duos, and 2 for trios. Increased by ATK stat-ups.

POW Block (5 coins) - Deal 1*ATK quake damage. (Hits ground and ceiling opponents.)
Fire Flower (7 coins) - Deal 1*ATK fire damage to all opponents and burns them (3 turns).
Thunder Bolt (7 coins) - Deal 1.5*ATK damage to any opponent.
Ice Storm (10 coins) - Deal 1*ATK ice damage to all opponents, and sometimes freezes them (2 turns).

HP Drain (12 coins) - Deal 1.5*ATK drain damage to any opponent.
Shell Shock (12 coins) - Deal 2*ATK damage to any opponent.
Earth Quake (12 coins) - Deal 1.5*ATK quake damage. (Hits ground and ceiling opponents.)
Thunder Rage (15 coins) - Deal 1.5*ATK damage to all opponents.
Snowman Doll (20 coins) - Deal 1.5*ATK ice damage to all opponents, and sometimes freezes them (2 turns).

Zess Dynamite (22 coins) - Deal 2*ATK explosion damage to all opponents.
Shooting Star (25 coins) - Deal 2*ATK damage to all opponents.

Augment Items - Give yourself a potentially game-changing boost with these items!

Tasty Tonic (5 coins) - Cure all status ailments.
Point Swap (7 coins) - Swaps your HP and FP.
Volt Shroom (7 coins) - Gives the Electrified status for three turns.
Courage Shell (12 coins) - Increases defense by 2 for three turns.
Power Punch (12 coins) - Increases attack by 2 for three turns.
Repel Cape (12 coins) - Become Dodgy for two turns.
Block Block (17 coins) - Halve all damage taken for two turns.
Spite Pouch (17 coins) - Gives Payback status for two turns.
Sammer Medal (25 coins) - Increases speed for two turns.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#8
= Rowf’s Badge Shop =

The badge shop is closed to players under Level 5, but no one said anything about window shopping! Players can hold as many badges as their BP allows them. A maximum of 3 of the same badge can be worn on one party member.

Passive Badges - Just put these badges on and let them work their magic!

Close Call (1 BP, 10 coins) - When in Danger, attacks miss 30% of the time. +10% per extra Close Call equipped.
Last Stand (1 BP, 10 coins) - When in Danger, enemy attacks deal half-damage. Duplicates have no effect.
Power Rush (1 BP, 10 coins) - When in Danger, power is boosted by half your basic attack. Duplicates have no effect.

Spike Shield (3 BP, 30 coins) - Allows direct attacks to damage spiky enemies.
Ice Power (3 BP, 30 coins) - Allows direct attacks to damage fiery enemies.
Jumpman (3 BP, 35 coins) - All moves can hit at any height.
Hammerman (3 BP, 35 coins) - All moves can hit at any depth.
P-Down, D-Up (4 BP, 50 coins) - Decreases the damage dealt and received by one.
P-Up, D-Down (4 BP, 50 coins) - Increases the damage dealt and received by one.
Pretty Lucky (3 BP, 30 coins) - Increases evasion by 10%.
Damage Dodge (3 BP, 30 coins) - Defend’s effect is increased by 1.
Feeling Fine (4 BP, 40 coins) - Reduces the length of status ailments by one. Cannot prevent them.
Zap Tap (5 BP, 45 coins) - Electrifies the user permanently, and allows direct attacks to hit Electrified enemies.
Lucky Start (7 BP, 50 coins) - Start with the invisible, fast, or payback status for two turns.
Double Dip (8 BP, 60 coins) - Allows the use of two items in one turn (4 FP).
Item Hog (8 BP, 60 coins) - Used items are returned to you at the end of a battle.
Return Postage (8 BP, 60 coins) - The user can return all damage taken to the enemy team once.

Heart Finder (1 BP, 10 coins) - Gives the user 2 HP if they beat an enemy.
Flower Finder (1 BP, 10 coins) - Gives the user 1 FP if they beat an enemy.
Flower Saver (2 BP, 30 coins) - One move’’s FP cost is lowered by 1.
HP Plus (3 BP, 30 coins) - Increases HP by 1/2 of your level.
FP Plus (4 BP, 30 coins) - Increases FP by 1/2 of your level.
Happy Heart (5 BP, 45 coins) - Restores 2 HP at the beginning of each turn.
Happy Flower (5 BP, 45 coins) - Restores 1 FP at the beginning of each turn.
HP Drain (7 BP, 50 coins) - Lowers attack power by one, but makes your basic attack drain HP.
FP Drain (8 BP, 70 coins) - Lowers attack power by one, but makes your basic attack drain FP.
Pity Flower (8 BP, 70 coins) - Every time the user is hit, gain 1 FP.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#9
Move Badges - These badges add an extra effect to your moves!
Equipping one or more of the same badge from this list raises the cost, but also the chance and length of the status.

Charge (3 BP, 20 Coins) - Adds Charge (1 FP) to commands. Increases power by 1/2 your basic attack’s power.

Soft Stomp (2 BP, 25 Coins) - Makes your basic attack cost 1 FP and gives it a 50% chance to inflict Soft (2 turns).
Shrink Stomp (2 BP, 30 Coins) - Makes your basic attack cost 2 FP and gives it a 50% chance to inflict Shrink (2 turns).
Multibounce (5 BP, 25 Coins) - Pay 2 FP to hit two foes with your basic attack.
Sleepy Stomp (5 BP, 40 Coins) - Makes your basic attack cost 2 FP and gives it a 50% chance to inflict Sleep (1 turn).
Tornado Jump (7 BP, 50 Coins) - User's attacks do +2 damage to enemies in the air.

Hammer Throw (2 BP, 20 Coins) - Expands one move’s reach to anywhere.
Piercing Blow (3 BP, 40 Coins) - Give one FP move defense-piercing powers.
Power Smash (3 BP, 25 Coins) - Pay 2 FP to add +4 ATK to your basic attack.
Head Rattle (6 BP, 50 Coins) - Makes your basic attack cost 2 FP and gives it a 25% chance to Confuse (1 turn).
Quake Hammer (7 BP, 50 Coins) - User's attacks do +2 damage to enemies on the ground or ceiling.
Ice Smash (8 BP, 50 Coins) - Makes your basic attack cost 2 FP and gives it a 25% chance to Freeze (1 turn).

Miscellaneous Badges - A few odds and ends… you never know what might come in handy!

Peekaboo (2 BP, 15 coins) - Warns the user if they can be KOd in the next turn.
Refund (2 BP, 20 coins) - Using an item in battle nets the user a third of the coins in return.
Simplifier (2 BP, 15 coins) - Decrease the effect of weakness and resistances by 1.
Unsimplifier (2 BP, 15 coins) - Increase the effect of weakness and resistances by 1.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

7 months ago#10

New topic is up. Thus, matches. I'll get Painbow vs. Mortar & Pestle up in a bit.
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