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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

1 year ago#1
In Chapter 3 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario takes to the sky to face the Glitz Pit - located in scenic smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-the-sky Glitzville - and fights through the ranks in order to achieve glory and, eventually, the championship belt.

What is the Glitz Pit, you ask? It's the main attraction of Glitzville, where rich and poor alike come together for the amazing matches that take place miles above the ground. The Pit's unique fighting ring is an attraction that has no equal - for both the fighters that choose to compete, as well as the fans who are treated with an exciting experience.

Glitzville is a paradoxical city in the sky, and no one truly knows how such a large city manages to stay afloat. Every city has its own share of events, and as thus Glitzville also attracts characters of various aspirations. And, although these events may merely be fleeting, surely there will be special moments and memories from those who choose to participate.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

1 year ago#2
~ Beginner’s FAQ ~

What is the Glitz Pit?

Put simply, the Glitz Pit is a game which is based off of and expands on the RPG battle system of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Set in a future Glitzville, where Jolene has passed the torch of battle manager (or “moderator”) down to a new face, the Glitz Pit invites you to create your own Mario-based (or otherwise) characters so that they may fight in the Glitz Pit in hopes of becoming the next champion.

How does the Glitz Pit work?

The Glitz Pit is organized into individual seasons where one moderator creates a league of “AI” teams that players will create their own teams to fight against. The goal of the player teams is to be crowned the new champion by rising to the top of the ranks and winning in the title match. There’s no limit to the number of teams one player can make, and multiple users can team up to work together.

Once the season begins, players can queue themselves up for their next opponent; the moderator will play as the enemy team while you choose moves for your own team. If you win, you’ll rise above the enemy team in rank and be able to challenge the next team. If you lose, your rank won’t go down like in the original game, but you’ll have to challenge the same team again. Your team can take one League battle (a battle against a team on the leaderboard), and unlimited unsanctioned battle (battles against other players, quest battles) per day.

When does the next season begin? Can I join now?

We’re always open for new players during any part of the season, but you may be a little bit behind the other players depending on how late in the season you start. It’s ultimately up to you whether you’d like to wait for the start of the next season, or join now and try to make up however far behind you may be.

How do I create my character?

Players can create a team of either one, two, or three party members, respectively called soloists, duos and trios. The amount of HP and FP you have, as well as the number of moves you get, is determined by how many party members you have (the fewer party members, the more of those things you’ll have). You get to select how much DEF (defense) your character has (up to 3), which will also affect how much HP you have. From there, every character gets one “basic attack” which costs no FP to use, and a few FP-costing moves. FP moves can do anything - deal damage, heal, boost defense, inflict status ailments, etc. We have guidelines on character and move creation, to give you an idea of what kind of moves to make and how much FP they will cost:

Once you have your character fully or partially laid out, submit the character for approval by posting it in a Registration (before the season starts) or Discussion (during the season) topic. The season’s current moderator will review it and advise changes if necessary, or approve it as the final version. From there, all you need is a team name and you’re ready to go!
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

1 year ago#3
~ Other FAQs ~

Some of the seasons are missing from this board. Where are they?

Previously, the Glitz Pit has been on lengthy hiatus, and has migrated to several different boards as the original Thousand-Year Door board became inactive, and each subsequent board did as well. Finally, with the advent of community boards, we shifted into our own, just as the number of boards we could move to dwindled to zero. Unfortunately, as a result, our history is scattered into many pieces in different hiding spots, so we’ve done our best to compile the previous seasons into an archive here:

The seasons are separated into two main categories, “Old” and “New” seasons, indicating the divide caused by a year-long hiatus and a restart of the numbering system.

Old Season 1:
Old Season 2:
Old Season 3:
Old Season 4:
Old Season 5:
Old Season 6 (cancelled due to moderator resignation):

New Season 1:
New Season 2:
New Season 3:
New Season 4:
New Season 5 (cancelled due to moderator inactivity):
New Season 6 (voluntary resignation from all parties due to inactivity):

While there is more than one topic for each season, listing every respective topic would take too much space, and in every case all topics relevant to the same season can be found on the same board using the keywords “Glitz Pit” in a search.

Keep in mind this is not required reading. It’s purely for posterity’s sake.

I want to be a moderator for a season. Can I?

Moderator is a heavy role to play, requiring you build several teams as opposed to the minimum of one that being a player requires. It also requires a lot of time, as all the progress in the season depends on you being there to operate your own teams during matches. To say nothing of it, some experience and dedication is required. There is effectively no process to select new moderators; usually near the end of one season, someone will present interest in moderating for the next. As long as the community agrees with it, you’re in. We do not reserve moderator seats past the upcoming season.

So, for a short answer, yes, but we recommend at least two seasons playing as experience. There is no formal process.


This covers everything for now! Go ahead and introduce yourself in this topic, if you feel like it. We always welcome new players!
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#4
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: Slayer

10 months ago#5
I just found this place. Hi Retro! Didn't know you had a community board

User Info: RetroYoshi4191

10 months ago#6
Oh hey Slay

Yeah it’s more for the game than for the sake of having a board, but yeah it’s my cozy little community

oh sheet i double yeahed
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(edited 10 months ago)

User Info: Skuld

8 months ago#7

User Info: Slayer

8 months ago#8
Welcome to the Pit

User Info: guydude21

7 months ago#9
Ugggggggh, I wanna start playing again but it's so hard to get back into.
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User Info: Kushinadahime

5 months ago#10
Why are you reading this?
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