Pokemon Switch Rumors! *SPOILERS*

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User Info: Defender31415

1 week ago#1

Note: please take with a grain of salt, if not a full salt shaker.

Thoughts, everyone?
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I'm trying to hold off on deciding whether I believe this or not until we get more info, but as it stands right now, this intrigues me, and I wouldn't be disappointed if this is indeed the next set of games. IMO, we're long overdue for Kanto in beautiful 3D graphics and tearjerkingly beautifully remastered classic Kanto music.

Also, if indeed we are getting Yellow remakes... please let us catch Arbok and Weezing this time. Oh, and Weedle.
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User Info: PinkSalmon

1 week ago#3
Came here to start a Topic on this, but you beat me to it!

- I don't mind a return to Kanto, in fact, I'm kind of excited about it. However, I totally understand and respect that not everyone feels the same way. But, yeah, I'm in the "Yay! Kanto!" crowd - GF's target audience, in other words.
- So, if it's modeled after Yellow, does that mean Pikachu/Eevee won't evolve? That's one of the reasons Yellow is one of my least favourite games in the series - not being able to evolve your starter (unless traded) is a bit nonsense, IMO.
- Pikachu not evolving stiil makes sense, it can just refuse the stone again like in Yellow. But Eevee? Will it refuse all the stones? And what about Espeon/Umbreon? ...Oh dear... Does this mean no day/night in Kanto again? I'd be a little ...unhappy... if that were the case. And I suppose no Moss Rock in V. Forest, or Ice Rock in Seafoam Islands? ...And Sylveon? Are they going to remove all the Fairy moves from Eevee's moveset? ...But Charm is an Egg Move?!
- And that leads me to wonder about breeding: Daycare on Route 5 only takes one Pokémon again? Or it's gone? Because couldn't you hatch a whole bunch more Pichu/Eevee otherwise?
- Back to Sylveon: Are they going to remove the care feature too? No! My free status heals and lucky hax moments!
- Or perhaps just the starter Pikachu/Eevee will be programmed to not evolve under any circumstances unless traded?
- But hopefully they can evolve. I'm only wondering because of how it was in Yellow, and because of that "screenshot" from earlier - the one that appears to show a Trainer and Eevee on Route 20. If Eevee is still an Eevee by Route 20, then... Of course, if the focus is on "cute l'il Eevee", then they aren't going to show an evolved form, are they?
- If Eevee can evolve normally, then does mean that you can just run around in circles in Pallet Town and have an Espeon/Umbreon at Lv. 6? Or a Sylveon at Lv. 10?
- And wouldn't Eevee have a huge advantage over Pikachu in terms of starter selection? You have one evolution (assuming Raichu-A will not be available initially), vs. eight. And one of those eight is the same type as Pikachu's evo, too. Pikachu has the Light Ball and a damaging Z-Move of course, but I still feel Eevee has the advantage here.
- Q: If Z-Moves are available during the main game, will Last Resort become a Tutor move for Eevee?
- I don't play Go myself, so I'm not too excited about potential connections there. But it could be nice for players who have both. I just don't want it to be "Buy Pokémon Go to unlock the full game experience! And the next Mythical!" Aside from Dream Radar, mainline games have avoided that sort of thing so far, and I'd like that to continue.

So, yeah, those are my initial thoughts/questions so far. Those, and of course...
My hope is that we're able to evolve Pikachu/Eevee, but are given the tools to make it feasible to keep them unevolved if we so choose. Like, early on, we get a Light Ball and an Eevium Z, and Last Resort is teachable to Eevee very early on, be it a rearranged level-up movepool, Last Resort becoming a TM, or some kind of move tutor. And maybe make it so Eevium Z doubles as an Everstone.


Random thought regarding version exclusives. Maybe Pikachu edition keeps the Yellow exclusives, while Eevee edition excludes Ash stuff. Like the following for example;

Absent in Pikachu edition/Absent in Eevee edition
Weedle line/Caterpie line
Elekid line/Bulbasaur line
Magby line/Charmander line
Smoochum line/Squirtle line
Ekans line/Pidgey line
Koffing line/Grimer line
Meowth line/Krabby line

That last one, of course, assumes Pikachu remains unevolvable in Pikachu edition


I play GO, so I'm intrigued by the notion of being able to connect these games with it. There's data in the Gen VII games that suggests that they were planning to allow us to transfer Pokémon from GO to the main series. I wouldn't mind if they made that happen. I couldn't see them making GO mandatory for stuff, though. Merely make there be some sort of added, completely optional benefit for connecting the games. Easier Hidden Abilities, maybe an exclusive move or two, things of that nature.
https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4694795/Missingno-Master (my fanfics, please read)
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User Info: MrFuzz111

6 days ago#5
I really hope this isn't true, or at least that "catching Pokémon is like in Go" doesn't mean what I think it does. If it just means the act of throwing a Pokeball is like in Go that's one thing (although unless it can be done through motion controls having the game force touch controls and by extension handheld mode only would be annoying), but if wild Pokémon battles are outright removed in favor of Go's style of "You just throw Poke Balls and hope it doesn't run away" then not only would it mean losing proper random encounters in one of the few franchises to still have them and making training new Pokémon more of a hassle, it would also effectively murder EV training and the competitive scene with it making this the Brawl of the competitive Pokémon community.
I'm also not exactly enthusiastic about a return to Kanto given that not only does that mean there probably won't be any new Pokémon, but that it's possible they might pull a FRLG and limit us to the original 151 until postgame with how hard they've been pushing gen 1 lately. It's not as big of a deal to me as the hypothetical removal of wild Pokémon battles, but it's certainly not something that gets me excited either. Pretty much the only thing I can really say I like about the leak is the prospect of following Pokémon returning, but if this is true it's a bit of a hard bargain.
Still waiting on that Seiken Densetsu Collection to be localized. I'm not convinced it'll happen, but I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.
(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: Defender31415

6 days ago#6
If wild battles were removed, that would stink. They’re a core mechanic! Not to mention that a shift to Pokemon Go’s capture mechanic would make things a lot less about strategy and far more about skill.
--- LG Nuzlocke Team: Percy (Blastoise), Sora (Pidgeot), Xena (Primeape), La-Z-Boy (Snorlax), Caitlin (Kadabra), Astrapos (Raichu)

User Info: PinkSalmon

6 days ago#7
Back with some more thoughts/questions:
- Yellow had that surfing Pikachu minigame: Will that return, and perhaps be more like Mantine surf? Will the starter Pikachu get Surf out of it?
- Will Eevee get a minigame of its own, then? Not sure if Eevee's going to be surfing, but maybe flying with balloons, or something? Hey! That's what that "flying Eevee" stuff was hinting at!
- So, Kanto... As in original Kanto? GSC/HGSS Kanto? 22 years later Kanto? If GSC/HGSS Kanto, then:
- Trainer House in Viridian City: Will it return? Perhaps with an expanded purpose, like providing different battle styles?
- Mt. Moon: Keep original layout, and include Rooftop Square - so we can see Clefairy dance!
- Power Plant: Abandoned ruins overrun by wild Pokémon, or restored fully functioning plant, with all associated Pokémon appearing elsewhere?
- Pokémon Tower: Replaced by Radio Tower? Or a combination of the two: Radio Tower is now abandoned/haunted?
- Safari Zone: Still closed, or open for business? I really can't see a Kanto focused game without the original Safari Zone...
- Cinnabar Island: Empty barren wasteland, or rebuilt thriving island community? Gym has moved back here, or is still on Seafoam?
- Saffron City: Oh, goodness, there better not be a "train station" here... One where you go in and: "This train goes to the Johto Region! ... But it's out of service now." ... And it continues to be out of service forever. I'd rather have the game act like the two Regions are completely seperate then have anything like that happen.

And this is all just regarding the layout of the Region. Nevermind all the questions I have about whether the Gym Leaders/E4 are still the same, or if the Gyms have the same types... *Cough*ViridianGym*Cough*

User Info: Defender31415

5 days ago#8
@PinkSalmon Wow. That's a ton of questions I hadn't considered. Guess we will find out more at E3- hopefully.
--- LG Nuzlocke Team: Percy (Blastoise), Sora (Pidgeot), Xena (Primeape), La-Z-Boy (Snorlax), Caitlin (Kadabra), Astrapos (Raichu)

User Info: Twinklestar

5 days ago#9
Defender31415 posted...
If wild battles were removed, that would stink. They’re a core mechanic! Not to mention that a shift to Pokemon Go’s capture mechanic would make things a lot less about strategy and far more about skill.

I don't think they'll remove the battle. Most likely, it will be something for the ball-throwing part only.

My guess on what will happen is that there will be a catch rate bonus or something if you throw the ball by yourself Go-style instead of letting the game do it for you as always.
(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: PinkSalmon

1 day ago#10
So, the new rumor that had everyone talking is that only the original 151 Pokémon will be available initially. That is certainly something I don't want to be true. I don't want it to be like FRLG where "Golbat is evolving! ... But it's not. Crobat doesn't exsist yet, silly!" Thing is, I think that's pretty much the only way they could do it: preventing later-gen evos until post-game. Because there are so many things that evolve "naturally" now - Lickitung, Tangela, Golbat, Chansey, Eevee (even if the starter won't) off the top of my head. Movepools can be changed I guess, but the friendship evolutions?
That all being said, to me, it seems the later-gen evos of Kanto Pokémon could still be considered Kanto Pokémon, so I still think there's a good chance they will be included at least. I hope so, because, yeah, not the first thing I want out of this game, that's for sure. But, I guess none of us should get too worked up until we have something official to go on, huh?
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