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User Info: PinkSalmon

1 week ago#1
Alright, I've finally caught up with the leaks up until this point, and here's my promised Topic. I'm going to assume that anyone checking this Topic has seen the leaks and all that, so I won't bother with linking images and such - but here's the current Topic from the main Board: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/259372-pokemon-sword/78129493

My thoughts on the new reveals:

- Rillaboom: I like how Grookey's stick evolves with it
- Intelleon: Not what I expected at all
- Cinderace: I CHOOSE YOU!
- Is the fox meant to be a Guy Fawkes reference?
- Galarian Meowth and Purrserker: So very, very unexpected.
- Galarian Farfetch'd does exsist!
- Purple creature looks like a Dragon... But it's Electric/Poison.
- A giraffe-elephant?
- A fire centipede! Neat!
- What even is Hatterene? (A Squid Fairy?)
- Love G-Max Lapras
- Never once occured to me that Roly's evo would have a G-Max Form
- Big Garbodor! I love all the series' references in the trash pile. (Like the Poké Doll)
- So happy for Kingler - It's been neglected for so long!
- G-Max Machamp still only has four arms? So was that Image Leak wrong, then?
- An electric Urchin?
- A Sand Snake?
- Wooloo evo looks... Very Normal.
- Impidimp's line!!! It's real, and absolutely amazing. Everyone's going crazy over it!

I'm sure there's been more updates as I've been typing this, but I'll start here for now, and update some more later.

User Info: dirkac

1 week ago#2
yeah there's fighting type 2-stage octopus line, and also impidimp's evolutions showing it as a 3-stage line

User Info: dirkac

1 week ago#3




Clobbopus -> Grapploct
Impidimp -> Morgrem -> Grimmsnarl

User Info: PinkSalmon

1 week ago#4
Thanks, Dirkac! I somehow left Clobbopus/Grapploct off my first list - I was going to say that Clobbopus is adorable!

User Info: Defender31415

1 week ago#5
Centiscorch looks awesome. Probably will be on my team.
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User Info: PinkSalmon

1 week ago#6
So I was just checking the Rumor Discussion thread on Bulbagarden, and apparently there was a "leak" posted a while ago that mentioned a Route 1 Fox Pokémon named Ikfoxan. This leak also mentioned a Pokémon named Beeknight, and suggested that Prof. Magnolia is not as friendly as she seems...

(I actually wondered if Magnolia might turn out to be the villain, before Rose and Oleana were introduced. But then they seemed so obviously the villains, that I abandoned that theory. But now, I wonder...)

(Of course, predicting a fox in a UK Region isn't much of a stretch, so it could turn out to be another nonesense leak - but I'm keeping an eye out for Beeknight, just the same)

...And more Leaks have appeared: Yamper's Evo, Rolycoly's evos, Galarian Rapidash. Love The dog and the unicorn, but can't help thinking Roly 3 looks very much like Rhyperior... But I guess it's G-Max form redeems it a bit.

Edit: Also have Corviknight's first two stages, Rookidee and Corvisquire. A Chickadee becoming a Raven? ... Sure, why not? Also, Corvisquire was my fan name - it came true!
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: PinkSalmon

1 week ago#7
Link to the current Topic the Sword Board: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/259372-pokemon-sword/78131144

More new Pokémon:

- A Psychic Ladybug (?)
- Skwovet and Greednut: So cute! I'd almost like to include it on my Team, but right now I have no room for it...
- Cramorant's fish is indeed an actual Pokémon... And it evolves, too!
- Oh, the purple Electric/Poison creature is a Gremlin... Now I see it!
- An Ice Moth! An often-seen Fakemon becomes reality!
- Galarian Stunfisk!!! Yay, Zigzagoon's not alone any more! (In being the only non-Kanto Form)

Edit: We now have a proper look at Raboot and Cinderace - Yep, the line is easily my favourite of the Galar Starters now.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: PinkSalmon

1 week ago#8
*Already passed the time limit for edits on my earlier post*

Been checking the Bulbagarden Forums again - Evidently, there is some talk of new fossils and/or combining two halves of a fossil?! Not entirely sure on this...

Also, an apparent music file: https://my.namejeff.com/mnG3XVso.ogg, which sounds like it might be for Team Yell's Boss? ...*Shrugs* ...I'm sure I'm going to be taken in by fakes at some point in all this... In fact, it's quite possible that I already have!
(But it's a fun ride, all the same!)

User Info: PinkSalmon

1 week ago#9
New Sword Board Topic: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/259372-pokemon-sword/78131655 - the old one got deleted due to linking to a certain site... And possibly for discussing leaks in the first place?! *I hope this Topic is okay...*

Apparently a possible VE list has surfaced... But the Twitter link won't work for me? ... Oh, I see, it might have been a mistake. Well, guess we'll wait and see.

There's also an image of G-Max Eldegoss floating around, but the general consensus is that it's fake.
Alright, so, for those who haven't been keeping up, entire Galar dex has leaked,and I for one am loving what we got. :)


Here's what we got as far as new Pokémon, including Galarian forms, and at least some of the Gigantamax forms. It does mispell Indeedee as Ideedee, but otherwise, it seems more or less up to date. Oh, and it doesn't show whether there's a Galarian Mime Jr. or not, but I think we just plain don't know that either way just yet. Oh, yeah- and I'm pretty sure Applin is pure Grass, not Grass/Dragon, but again, I could be mistaken on that.
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