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User Info: lunajenny

7 years ago#1
I downloaded it and gave it a try but it's pretty hard, any tips?

A few specific problems I've been having:

about 10 minutes in this arch demon thingy appears and chases me across the map, its slow so i can escape but i cant seem to kill the thing. Maybe if I had more time I could do something but with everything else thats after me all i can do is run.

Changelings, how do I deal with them? The only way I've found to deal with it was to paralyse it with my ranger then drop 4 air strikes on it while hitting it with splash shells and my archer's strength bow. Is there an easier way to deal with this?

Also, could anyone tell me where to find the prismatic/white crystals or a good strategy for moving or camping please? I've figured that the best way to do it would be to make a route that takes us through all the crystals, grab them, then camp somewhere in an ideal locatin but I don't know what or where that is

Any other advice?
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