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User Info: cwatrama72

4 years ago#1
I have been playing the game with one goal: capture as many enemy ships, and destroying as few, as possible. I took a screen shot with a head count of all my ships, excluding the docked fighters and corvettes, and what I have are:

35 assault frigates
28 ion frigates
19 multi-beam frigates
16 support frigates
15 proximity sensors
8 gravwell generators
8 ion array frigates
7 destroyers
6 carriers
4 resource collectors
3 heavy cruisers
2 missile destroyers
1 research ship (made of 6)
1 mother ship

I had 3 resource controllers but I had them retired before I took the screen shot. I'm using carriers as resource controllers

As far as docked ships go, my fighters and corvettes are maxed out.

58 dense fighters
22 defenders
30 heavy corvettes
20 salvage corvettes

combine that with with 18,XXX RUs.

When I attempt my hyperspace jump to chapter 13, it seems that there are too many ships to make this happen. The ships at the end of the line, furthest from my mother ship, continue to move. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I walk away from the computer and occupy my time while they find a position that works, or do I need to retire some of these frigates?

Also, how do these numbers compare to yours?
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