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User Info: thelovebat

7 years ago#1
And rightfully so.

The Top 10 Most Atmospheric Games That Aren't First-Person Or Horror


This makes me so happy. :)
"Too bad you can't reload your game and try again." Cassidy- Fallout 2

User Info: Infinite_Access

7 years ago#2

Do you know if there is anywhere i can download the game online, paid ofcourse. I can only seem to find it on like Amazon but don't want the wait! :P

User Info: sharingannaruto

7 years ago#3
Agreed, I remember when I first played the game in 99, it blew my mind. Even today (editing the registry so I can play it in 1440x900) it still looks decent for a game that is over a decade old.

As for Infinite's question... not too sure. Have you tried steam? I don't personally use Steam but it could be there cheap. If its not there, than you'd need to get a hard copy. Also, this game is from 1999 so chances are it might not play on vista or seven so definitely look into that before buying it.

User Info: Luigi and Tails

Luigi and Tails
7 years ago#4
My HW plays on 7 no problem although it has an annoying habit of resizing all my desktop windows when I play it. Still, small potatoes when I can play a classic.
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