things go in but nothing comes out!!! *troubleshoot*

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  3. things go in but nothing comes out!!! *troubleshoot*

User Info: Altered_Lyon

9 years ago#1
alright, for some reason when i build some frigates from the mothership, they dont come out. frigates come out from my carriers tho. this started happening at the 6th mission (the astroid one) I was like, "ok, i could cope with this. A little challenge for me" but then when i came to the nebula mission, I notice that all the fuel pods that i was capturing didnt feel like coming out either! I havent play homeworld for a long time but I'm pretty sure the fuel pods should come out.

oh yeah, i cant retire ion array frigates either....I think she hates me...

Updated to the latest patch (1.05) before playing. has anyone ever experienced this before??

User Info: Luigi and Tails

Luigi and Tails
9 years ago#2
Haha, your topic title makes me laugh.

Ahem. Anyway, are you over your frigate cap limit? Karen doesn't enjoy it when you put too much inside of her (ahem, see what I did there), and she'll just refuse to acknowledge the ships after that. Best bet would be to either scuttle the IAFs or retire some of your Hiigaran frigates, see if that solves the problem.
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User Info: ZeldaTheorist

9 years ago#3
It could also be that you accidentally pressed the automatically dock tab.
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  3. things go in but nothing comes out!!! *troubleshoot*

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