Start with this one or with Homeworld 2?

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User Info: RampageRalf

9 years ago#1
I dont care about grammar/spelling on a games forum, I laugh in your face for correcting me.

User Info: keniethchangith

9 years ago#2
Don't bother with Homeworld 2.
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User Info: Diablo777

9 years ago#3
Agreed, Homeworld 2 was dissapointing and inferior to Homeworld 1.
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User Info: gehwesij

9 years ago#4
homeworld 2 is more restrictive, and requires more processing power than homewrld 1. when i 1st got homeworld 2 shortly after it's release it required more cpu, ram, and better vid card than i had at the time, and i had what was considerd 2 b on the lower end of a top of the line pc, and can't fully understand the story n homeworld 2 if u dont compleate the 1st homeworld
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