Is it possible to extract models from the code?

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User Info: chazhile

9 years ago#1
I'm sure that this question has come up several times. I just wanted to find out if the dimensions and skins for the various craft could be taken from the code. I found a program that converts a computer animated object into a fold-able paper form. I figure that from there, I can make a better, solid figure with the actual, measurable dimensions. I will be grateful for any response, even if it is just to call me a 'stupidy dum-dum jerk-face jive turkey monkey too the nth degree' (I really ought to coin that phrase you know...). If you need to know what version of Homeworld I'm using or what the paper converter program is called, just tell me.

p.s. If you do find a way to do this, please write down step by step instructions using small words, I am new to the art of fiddling with little bits of coding.
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User Info: viper0982

9 years ago#2
if you get bigviewer you can extract the big file which contains all the lod files for the ships. I dont know what you would use to open those because they are .lif files or something
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  3. Is it possible to extract models from the code?

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