Time to cheat.

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User Info: Lord_Enn

10 years ago#1
The game was excellent. :D I've completed it around five minutes ago, and now I want to try cheating. Is there any way to have an infinite amount of resources?

User Info: ARandomKid

10 years ago#2
There are various trainers you can probably google...or you could try editing the .big files, but that's a lot of work (or maybe I'm just lazy)
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User Info: sykonfc

10 years ago#3

I remember dicking around with a .big file editor a few years ago, I added ion cannons to all my Scouts and Interceptors. Then I went and changed all the cannons on my Assault Frigate to Ion Cannons and, then I decided to add nothing but ion cannons to all of my fleet's ships including my mothership.

Yeah, be sure to not get carried away when you edit the .big files you may just do something so awesome that the world may blow up.

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