Noob question regarding combat

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User Info: gpyott

10 years ago#1

I just bought this game off eBay so I don't have it yet but really looking forward to playing it. Question: Can you tartget individual systems on a ship (ie weapons, engines, etc)?


User Info: Fireproof18

10 years ago#2
no you cannot target individual systems just each ship its a sweet game still have fun

User Info: viper0982

10 years ago#3
homeworld 2 lets you target subsystems on large ships

User Info: gpyott

10 years ago#4

Great, thanks for the info! I remember reading one of the games let you target subsystems, just couldn't remember which. Soon as I finish Homeworld, I'll be delving into Homeworld 2. Really looking forward to it.

User Info: Diablo777

9 years ago#5
Homeworld 2 is a vastly inferior game, even with the little added features like subsystems, etc.
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User Info: jaca_42

9 years ago#6
I like homeworld 2 a lot more than homeworld, and for some reason while i play homeworld (homeworld 1 not 2) the scenario gives me the creeps, i dont know why it just does, maybe thats why i prefer homeworld 2.

User Info: lalala_la

9 years ago#7
Yeah the original game does give me the creeps. I've been playing through the Homeworld 2 demo and I really like the new ship designs.

User Info: montana

9 years ago#8
No, not an option in the original game. You can do that in Homeworld 2 however. I believe HW 2 is an inferior game I also believe Homeworld Cataclysm is the best of the three based solely on the simple fact that Resource Units are more bountiful.
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