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User Info: GeneralPengu

5 months ago#1
Because the other one is archived and the other-other one is likewise archived. Post any new Sign-Up's here, and occasionally I will post snippets on lore and extra information.

Previous topic:
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User Info: fate311

4 months ago#2
Hate to say it but honestly, my interest in this has tapered off. Sorry, but I'm going to have to opt out of this RP. Best of luck to the rest of you.
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User Info: GeneralPengu

4 months ago#3
fate311 posted...
Hate to say it but honestly, my interest in this has tapered off. Sorry, but I'm going to have to opt out of this RP. Best of luck to the rest of you.

Sorry to hear that. If you want, Styx can be written off as being called back to Tybalt in case you ever want to join in again.
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User Info: GeneralPengu

4 months ago#4

"Ah, yes, hello! I didn't see you there! My name is Gerald Piketusk, Patrian doctor and semi-dragon extraordinaire! When I'm off duty, I like to relax and turn off my brilliant medical mind, just like a commoner. Hm? What's that? You wish to learn more about dragons? Well, of course I'd be willing to inform you! Now, let me just...aha! A piece of art! Now, take a look at my clipboard."

"Long ago, there was a powerful soul known as the Grand Elder Dragon. He was the biggest in the land, not to mention the wisest! But after a while of being the only dragon in the world, he grew lonely, and decided to spawn several children known as the Elder Dragons! Being spawns of the Grand Elder Dragon, these lesser Elder Dragons were still very powerful. Only one is still alive today, you know."

"Eventually, these Elder Dragons began to produce offspring as well. However, these offspring were split into two separate groups. The full-blooded dragons, horrible beasts with an affinity for wealth and capturing fair maidens, and, of course, the beautiful semi-dragons, which inherited their ancestor's intelligence."

"Since then, semi-dragons have produced semi-dragons and full-blooded dragons have produced full-blooded dragons. While us semi-dragons are impressed by the power of our distant beast-like relatives, they could never truly hold a candle to the wit and inner strength of a semi-dragon. Hm? Oh, it seems duty takes me elsewhere, I must go. Farewell, and may we meet again!"
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User Info: GeneralPengu

4 months ago#5

Aria Rose Oliver (born 597 A.F.), is a Patrian General and current Master of the royal Green Chamber. She is the sister of Matthew Oliver, daughter of Harry and Edna Oliver, and descendant of the powerful monk Julia Locke on her mother's side.

Oliver grew up in Patria's Legion Village on Prot Island until 616 A.F., when the Legion Village Incident occurred and burnt down the village. Fleeing with her family to the capital city, Oliver immediately joined the Patrian army to join the efforts to take back Prot Island from monsters and anarchists that had come to claim the island as their own after the Incident.

During the Conflict for Prot Island (616 A.F. - 622 A.F.), Oliver quickly rose through the military ranks as she proved herself to show skills of leadership and inspiration. In 622 A.F, General Ironblood named Oliver his Lieutenant, making her second-in-command of the Patrian army. Following this was the Battle for Legion Temple, which is said to be the final battle of the Conflict for Prot Island. The aftermath of the battle was that the island's anarchists were crushed completely, and recognition for Oliver's part in the battle spread across the kingdom. Oliver was rewarded the Phoenix Badge of Valor by Queen Cassandra for her service.

On his deathbed in 625 A.F., General Garran Ironblood formally filed a request to promote Oliver to the rank of General in his place. A week after his death, Oliver was officially made Patrian General at the age of 28, setting a record as the youngest General Patria has ever seen.

As General, Oliver is known for her efforts in aiding the Prot Island Reconstruction Project, as well as naming Michael Crane, whom she grew up together with, as her Lieutenant in 628 A.F, just several weeks before this book's publication.

Written by Tom Klo, 'Military Figures Of The World - 628 Revision', 628 A.F.
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User Info: GeneralPengu

4 months ago#6

Of the five Chambers that make up the Patrian royal court, the Yellow Chamber consists of various magical groups aiming to further the advancement of magical technology and science. Currently led by Master Dronsworth (who also leads the Yellow Chamber itself) is the Phoenix Magus, one of the many factions that make up the Yellow Chamber. The Phoenix Magus consists of fire magicians, a large majority consisting of graduated Mercut's students, who study the magical element of fire and try to solve the mysteries of Attero through alchemy experiments. The Phoenix Magus is also well-known for being hired frequently to protect citizens of the kingdom, as well as locating and containing dangerous magical artifacts.

From lowest-ranking to highest-ranking, the Phoenix Magus ranking system goes as follows:

-Sparks (New recruits, an initiation ritual that varies from member to member is used to follow accept them into the ranks)
-Embers (Embers that have gone through initiation, typically ordered to sort paperwork and assist with experiments as apprentices)
-Junior Phoenixmen (Often called out on small-time protection jobs)
-Senior Phoenixmen (Called out on important protection jobs and the containment of magical artifacts)
-Grand Phoenixmen (Leaders within the Order, the ones who perform the biggest experiments and lead protection and expedition jobs)
-Inferno Lord (The Phoenix Master's second-in-command, currently filled by Lord Harold Magon)
-Phoenix Master (The leader of the Phoenix Magus, currently filled by Master Dronsworth)

Written by Aqaleron Vindelhoosen, 'Patria, A Visitor's Guide', 617 A.F.
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User Info: GeneralPengu

4 months ago#7

In close-knit sword-fighting communities, it is widely agreed upon that there exists four living (as of this publication) supreme champions of the blade, the greatest sword-fighters that Attero has known. While these four are considered the most skilled sword-fighters of our time, they are notable in that no combination of them have ever fought each other.

DAVE SOLIDUS OF PATRIA: Originally a half-giant Patrian sellsword, Solidus was bought into the Patrian army during the Conflict for Prot Island and made a name for himself as the single strongest soldier that the Patrian army had seen in modern years. In the Battle Of The Bay alone, he was said to have single-handily crushed the opposing forces with brute strength and swordfighting skill alone. Solidus was later named right-hand Lieutenant of the Queen, and remains a loyal servant of the crown.

PRINCE THOMAS ALLENCOURT OF FRAY: Second son of Hale and Jude Allencourt, Thomas learned to wield the sword at an early age due to his family's legacy of being warriors. As a teenager, Thomas would frequently disguise himself and participate in the Fray Tournaments. Now a grown man, Thomas has shed the secret identity and instead focused solely on battle, frequently stopping on the streets to duel men who challenge him. To this day, Thomas is said to have not lost a single fight.

ZORYAX OF TYBALT: The semi-dragon famous for fighting amazingly in the Second Great Attero war, Zoryax is said to have personally stormed the Slokahnian castle and negotiated the terms of surrender himself from the Slokahnian monarchy. Although many have requested Zoryax serve for them after the war, Zoryax instead chose a life of solitude, constantly travelling and not tying himself down to one place. Although hard to locate, Zoryax's signature golden scales and mighty sword Darktusk will give him away if one should encounter him.

GUINEVERE MORT OF MOLASHA: Growing up as a lowly daughter of a bounty hunter, Guinevere became famous when she slayed the fearsome Volcanic Dragon of Molasha with her now-famous saber. With several quick lunges and precise steps, the dragon is said to have only lasted 12 seconds against Guinevere in combat. Now serving as the personal attendant of Molasha's Chief, Guinevere is dubbed the 'Lady of Death' for her quick and lethal fighting style.

Written by Jordan Moseby, 'The Book Of Swords And Those Who Wield Them', 626 A.F.
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User Info: Jet_the_hawk79

4 months ago#8
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User Info: GeneralPengu

3 months ago#9

It's said that a person is made up of three components: the body, the mind, and the soul. Magic, of course, draws on the soul's power to manipulate reality around them. However, the soul is not invincible. If somebody performs exhausting magic too much without allowing the soul to rest, then it will get overworked, and the connection between the body and the soul will splinter. This causes physical deterioration to the body, including bleeding noses and/or eyes, cramped muscles, drowsiness, graying of hair, or potential death. Study has shown that overdosing on magic is less of a problem for sorcerers, due to their soul being completely used to their magicial component. On the other side, witches and warlocks are typically handicapped by their own souls, and usually you'll see at least a little bit of blood on the faces of fighting witches or warlocks.

Written by Alfinea Black, 'Magic: A Study', 573 A.F.
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User Info: Drizzlebow

3 months ago#10
Name: Kaze Tanjõ Hebi

Gender: Male

Race: Semi-Dragon

Age: 951

Abilities: Wind magic (sorcery), skilled weaver, skilled swordsmen, skilled tracker, and a skilled archer.

• Wind Sword: Kaze's only sword. Kaze created it after breaking a broadsword over a Cambion's skull (more on that later). The sword is just a hilt and handle decorated with gold and brass, but no blade. However, Kaze can use wind magic to create a blade of wind where the regular blade would be. The Wind Sword's blade is adjustable in size and is constantly moving, because it's wind, so it'll cut through almost anything. He keeps it on his back, in a sheath.
• Crossbow: A regular crossbow. Kaze stole it from the Cambion he killed (again, more on that later.). It works just like a regular crossbow, but the bolts Kaze uses are very unique. He uses 4 different types of crossbow bolts, regular bolts, heated bolts, bolts covered with Alvair juice, and bolts with a boiled egg at the tip (for lolz). Plus, Kaze can use wind magic to make the bolts go to incredible speeds. He keeps his crossbow and it's bolts on his belt.
• Spike Gloves: Purchased from Juro (Is this allowed? I mean, it would make the world and characters seem more connected. Just asking.). Leather gloves with 3 spikes, covered with Alvair juice, on each hand. The spikes on the gloves are attached to wire, hidden inside the glove. Using wind magic, he can shoot out and retract the spikes attached to the wires, like a taser. They can also be used for deadly melee attacks, and combined with his Wind Sword, they can be used to completely handicap an opponent. Kaze keeps them on his hands, of course.
• Utility Belt: A simple black leather belt, decorated with brass and gold. He keeps his crossbow and all of it's bolts on his belt, along with several other knickknacks and doodads. Some of the knickknacks and doodads mentioned include a small bag full of smooth stones (for the clacking sound, which calms him sometimes) and a pouch containing a cockatrice feather (for good luck). Kaze also carries a canteen on his belt, always filled with water.
• Clothing: Other than the Spike Gloves and the Utility Belt, Kaze wears a well kept belted tunic, a linen shirt (which bares his family emblem in purple thread), woolen tights, linen underpants, and a set of chainmail armor on top of all the clothing.

Backstory: Kaze was born into a rich family, as well as a family with Wind magic running through their veins. Kaze was a beautiful child, with shining silver scales and majestic wings, which were extremely rare at that time. Kaze was also their first child, so his parents didn't have as much experience as other parents, but they tried their absolute hardest to keep their little Kaze happy and educated. Kaze's parents were also very busy, with his father being a tinkerer and his mother being a clothes vendor, they didn't often have as much time as they could have spent with Kaze. However, Kaze still learned things from his parents, despite their shortcomings, such as sowing, knitting, and combat/magic training. However, on Kaze's 200th birthday, disaster struck. A group of Cambion witches raided the Hebi's home. The Cambion witches burned down the walls of the house, letting down the roof upon their victims, and killed both of Kaze's parents, unbeknownst to him. Kaze was knocked out cold and stuffed into a leather bag before his parents were murdered. Memories of this day were still deeply ingrained into his brain, still.

Not done yet, wait a sec.
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