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User Info: M0NSTER_

11 months ago#1
The Vote
Every week the teams that failed to earn safety will need to vote players off their team. Each player on the team will vote for one of the other players on their team. The player with the most votes against them will be removed from their team and be forced to fight for safety in the Redemption challenges until the next merge.

* Everyone within your team must vote to eliminate 1 player from your team.
* As a reminder or for those that missed it, you will receive 10 TEC for every vote cast against you.
* If you are voted off of your team, you are not yet eliminated from the game. You will periodically participate in the redemption game challenges which will keep you alive. If you survive until the next merge you will be integrated back in with the other players.
* Failure to vote will result in you receiving an inactivity strike.
* The charity draw will always run during the same time as the voting phase. If you are participating in this week's charity draw let us know. Even if you are voted off your team you may still claim the TEC if your name is drawn. For teams voting, please indicate in your vote PM if you wish to participate. For teams that don't need to submit a vote, please follow the same submission guidelines below as to who you sign up for the charity draw with.

Charity Draw
Every week during the voting phase a weekly charity draw will be held in the name of The Epic Struggle Foundation. When submitting your vote let us know if you would like to buy in.

Current Prize: 516 TEC + 60% of all buy-ins.

How it Works
* Everyone's name will be entered in the draw, regardless if they buy-in or not. If the players name is drawn and they don't buy-in then they will not claim the prize. The prize money will carry forward to the draw the following week.
* The buy-in is now 40 TEC (subject to change). 60% (24 TEC) of your buy-in will go towards the prize while the other 40% (16 TEC) will be donated to The Epic Struggle Foundation.
* Any player still in the game may participate including those voted off their teams and those that don't need to vote.
* The charity draw will always run during the same time as the voting phase. The results will be posted along with the results of the vote.
* Once a player is eliminated from the game their name will also be removed from the draw.
* To cut down on Private messages to the host please include in your vote if you are participating in the draw for the week.

Tiebreaker Rules
1. The player that receives the most votes not including inactivity strikes.
2. All players (for the team that is tied) will have a chance to recast their vote between those players that are tied.
3. If the vote is still tied, the tie will be broken the same as the TV show Survivor. The players who are currently tied become immune, (plus anyone with individual immunity), 1 name will then be drawn from someone on the team who is not immune and they will be the ones voted off.

How to Submit
All teams private message luckynumber777

Wednesday 06:00 PM ET.
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User Info: ArchangelBaruch

11 months ago#2
Nice challenge.

EDIT: ob, it's just the social. Thought something was missing.
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User Info: HeartGlaceon

11 months ago#3
"The key to sorting it all out is to understand it doesn't actually matter." -Dirk Strider
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User Info: toonsage

11 months ago#4
(work in progress)
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User Info: teepan95

11 months ago#5
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User Info: ImTheMacheteGuy

11 months ago#6
New topic has been posted
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User Info: Ex-Kefiroth

11 months ago#7

User Info: DreamwaIker

11 months ago#8
That's five fours. Shouldn't it have been four?
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User Info: Choco

11 months ago#9
nice 498-500

User Info: toonsage

11 months ago#10
(work in progress)
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