4 months ago #88
    Yeah I checked there to see if there was a run I could learn from but it looks like there isnt. Sub 3 hours is gonna be way hard with my route because idk if I made 9 minutes of mistakes or not in my PB. Then again, every inprovement has been by several minutes, I've had a 3:55, a 3:30, and a 3:15 before this and those are the only 4 Ive finished. Once it's under sub 3 I dont think I'll see the point in going on, we'll see if I even get there.

    I agree with enjoying speedruns that I learn something from. I'm definitely not into OOB stuff tho, it can be cool to watch like in OOT's case but a lot of the time it kinda just seems impossibly hard and feels like cheating so I dont care. I just meant of all the ones I've watched, those have been the coolest ones so far. I'm surprised Wrong Warping to the Moon hasnt been discovered yet.

    I feel like Mario 64 is pretty much dead unless someone somehow shaves time off of the new 16 star record which seems even more impossible than before. What games have you learned the most about through their runs?