Paratroopoll 156

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User Info: Paratroopey

1 week ago#1
Paratroopoll - Why walk when you can fly?

(156) How do you usually type out the name of this website?
(a) GameFAQs
(b) GameFAQS
(c) Gamefaqs
(d) gamefaqs
Not so daily Paratroopolls at Luigi

User Info: APlusle

1 week ago#2

Sometimes I do spell it as SBallin'!'s Domain though
'Official' Plusle of the SSBU board. Also, creator of that thing down in the line under this.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Slayer

1 week ago#3
A probably
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User Info: Koopiranha

1 week ago#5

Sometimes I do spell it as SBAllen's Domain though
Dark_Koopatrol's off-usermap account

User Info: angelkay16

1 week ago#6
A or C
"I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad.
There's no one I'd rather be than me."

User Info: RPGlover2

1 week ago#7
Anything you say, no matter how truthful or carefully picked, WILL be deemed wrong if the majority is against you.

User Info: xx521xx

1 week ago#8
Optimism is the first step to disappointment.
R.I.P. signature ASCII
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