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User Info: ManLink4321

4 years ago#1
Deep Strange Journey
Super Mario Odyssey
Dragon Quest XI
Etrian Odyssey 5
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Metroid Prime 4
Metroid: Samus Returns
Superstar Saga remake
The Hero of Hyrule.

User Info: CoinBoxBaller

4 years ago#2
Odyssey, Rabbids and Prime 4

User Info: gamester_12345

4 years ago#3
Odyssey, Etrian 5, Dragon Quest XI, maybe the Superstar remake.

Possibly Prime 4 depending on inital hype, Samus Returns perhaps by 2ndhand sales or something. Returns needs a large amount of changes/content to justify the purchase, like it is a remake of a Gameboy-era game afterall so logically it does have base changes, but it's hard to compare to Superstar Saga which was already pretty good when it comes out, and arguably still looks good in comparison to later M&L titles.

Superstar is kinda different i guess. the idea of a remake could make the game better, or they could somehow casualize it. like at the very least im expecting difficulty modes, a boss arena (bets being the Cackle Worm possessing Midbus as the Bonus Boss. since he never meets/fights the Bros directly in BiS). from the footage so far, Bowser's Minions seems slightly generic, unless the gameplay itself has a lot of depth, repeatability or something.

I'm unsure how to think of Mario + Rabbids, the thought behind it seemed pretty major since both companies were buddybuddy, but just that it's Rabbids, it's supposedly a self-aware game with Humor that makes me think it'll be too short to be enjoyable, and with strategic elements and a definite amount of characters, you can only get so much milage out of it. also, there has to be some sort of curiosity in how much imput Nintendo has in the game, would electing with one or the other cause the game to be shorter?

If it pulled the Puzzle and Dragons Z dealie where the aftergame is a whole new region, i'd be behind that....kinda hoping that they're purposely keeping the game's plot secret. bit of me wants Bowser (or just Jr) to wind up usurped by Mr Dark/Razorbeard, or something.

A game like that can be comparable to a movie. whereas games like Fire Emblem at least has so much depth that its almost infinite. Final Fantasy Tactics edges it out slightly (has lower amounts of plot-related characters, no children. also Monster units) just because your roster can consist of much more generic characters and is much more looser with the Job system.
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