How Much Game Play?

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User Info: dbvirago

11 months ago#1
So, this is up on PS+ next month, but having a hard time understanding the reviews. What percentage of the game is playing vs watching cut scenes. Honestly never much cared about the 'story' behind the games.

User Info: Quinciano

11 months ago#2
I've played it for a bit and so far it is cutscene after cutscene.
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User Info: LeadPipeCinche

11 months ago#3
Very gd little.
And by that i mean less than Tales TWD game.

The game in short: You press on the stick a few times in different directions & answer a couple questions.
Do this for 5 chapters in 5 episodes.
Repeat til point of stupidity (plat trophy).

User Info: Chap904

11 months ago#4
I also dont get why it rushes you to make each decision
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User Info: GasmanOAV

11 months ago#5
Chap904 posted...
I also dont get why it rushes you to make each decision

Sometimes you don't have time to read all of the options. I think the times that it's quick the choices don't matter much to the story. When the choice is important you get more time to think about it.
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User Info: dbvirago

11 months ago#6
Thanks, all. guess it's another pass on PS+ games this month

User Info: Suvorov

11 months ago#7
It's free. Why would you pass?
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