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User Info: ultradude2345

9 years ago#1

what was your favorite and hardest scenario?

i loved forest frontiers because it was pure sandbox

i hated rainbow valley because i can't delete trees and i can't beat it.

is thunder rock hard?

User Info: sonic479

9 years ago#2
Thunder Rock is relatively...simpler I suppose you can say. All I can say really is that Rainbow Valley is far easier to handle your guests than Thunder Rock can, so Rainbow Valley makes it easier to make your guests happy. Thunder Rock would kill you on this.
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User Info: EvilGoat01

9 years ago#3
Leafy Lake was nice...999 park rating basically the whole time...lots of room

Also liked the smaller parks.

Didn't like Crumbly Woods or Rainbow Valley

User Info: Escala

9 years ago#4
Can't say much about my favorite (unless we get into add-ons...), but my least favorite ends up being Dynamite Dunes. I like replaying the first few, but for someone skilled with getting customers into the park Dynamite Dunes becomes more of a test of one's traffic planning skills than anything else. Once you get above 800-850 guests it gets lightly overcrowded, and I've ended that scenario with in excess of 1500 and ended up putting most of my time into simply managing traffic (I ran out of room for rides, if you can believe it), which ended up with me rebuilding the entire path system and making all the paths one-way with an adjacent path going the opposite way.

Do note that at that point I owned all available land and had really pulled out all the stops. I was running a chairlift, a miniature railroad, and a monorail (no room for the suspended monorail), I had paths running undergound, about fifty "express" paths I'd built ended up eventually being used for rides anyway, you name it, I tried it. That park is just too small to make it good, but it -can- be fun trying to figure out new ways to direct traffic.

Now, if we're counting the add-ons, my favorite park HAS to be Arid Heights. No financial limits and a huge park make that one the absolute pure sandbox. I usually load up what I call a "blank save" for it (all rides unlocked, scenario completed, but all guests dead/evicted and all existing rides demolished) when I want to try experimenting with coaster designs.

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