Anyone tried PSVR with their PC?

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User Info: Cryptarch

3 months ago#1
Looking up a bunch of guides (both text and video) how to setup the PSVR for PC. I'll post my results soon but here are some guides I've used to follow:

I also having a gaming PC (Windows 10, Intel Core i7-7700K, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, GTX 1080) which is VR ready. My first game will be Project CARS 2 and I'll download other PC games for VR.

User Info: Cryptarch

3 months ago#2
Setup was fairly easy if you follow the guides very carefully. Only problem I had was the limited space I had on my computer desk and of course them cables. Other than that it's a simple process. Trinus PSVR demo only lets you use up to 5 minutes then the software ends the VR feed. It requires you to purchase the license for roughly $18.30 or use a discount to $15.55. So be mindful of that when using the Trinus PSVR software.

The only game I've tested was Project CARS 2 since it's the only VR supported game out of my 150+ Steam games. Even though I had all the graphical settings to ultra (or max) it still looked as if it was running on low settings and looked reminiscent to that of Gran Turismo Sport on VR. Although you can have full races up to 31 other cars and I had no performance issues.

There were a few odd issues I've encountered such as calibration issues with the PSVR (kept rotating by itself) and I've noticed a slight delay in head tracking. Also there's blurriness but all of these can be fixed using that Trinus software.

It's worth a try if you plan to use your PSVR on your PC. You'll just need VR games of course and there's plenty of free VR games on Steam to try out.

User Info: SnakePlisken94

3 months ago#3
Yeah it more or less works but it's far from ideal.
There's a lot of drifting for starters. You also don't get any head tracking whatsoever.
Games that require motion controls just flat out don't work either.

Trinus Cinematic mode is crap. The text is unreadable and there is way too much drifting. You can't even watch a single movie.

After a lot of messing around i got doom working in 3d side by side using a custom re shade shader with a surprising amount of depth.
I found that a custom stretched resolution of 1920x2160(8:9) works best for 3d sbs content. The aspect ratio looks messed on your screen but in the headset it looks right.
The ui might appear a little of in some games.

If you play at 1920x1080 you have to mess with barrel distortions and whatnot to get the image to fill your head set.

Honesty getting it to work is a massive headache.

Just get an occulus for like 400 bucks if you want vr on pc
just your typical butthurt basement dweller
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