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  3. #8151 - Have you ever played the original Metal Gear?

User Info: KJ StErOiDs

3 weeks ago#1

I voted "No, I've never played a single Metal Gear game". As much as I've heard it mentioned over the years I really know very little about it.
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User Info: shogun001

3 weeks ago#2
I've played an emulated version of it in the Metal Gear Solid HD collection (part of MGS3).

User Info: TomNook

3 weeks ago#3
Yes. I used to play it a lot. It did a lot of interesting things back in the NES days. It's still pretty fun.

The only other MG game I've played is MGS2, which I thought was pretty forgettable, but not bad.
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User Info: xF0x

3 weeks ago#4
Emulated yes, both. Beat the MSX version, barely got anywhere on the NES one.
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User Info: TheFalseDeity

3 weeks ago#5
No never played any game in the series. Is not of any interest to me.
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User Info: jloost-gamer

3 weeks ago#6
To my great shame, I've only played about an hour of Portable Ops on the PSP. I do own several of the games now, I've just been waiting for the right moment to play through them all in order of release (the eternal backlog problem...)
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User Info: The_Undying_84

3 weeks ago#7
Twas built into Subsistence.

User Info: Aeptia

3 weeks ago#8
I have the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection (which includes the MSX games), but I've never played MG yet.
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User Info: PaulWilko11

3 weeks ago#9
I went no but I did play one on ps1 I believe so it might have been.
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User Info: Sashanan

3 weeks ago#10
No. I own and have played the first three Metal Gear Solids through, and that's it.
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  3. #8151 - Have you ever played the original Metal Gear?
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