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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

2 weeks ago#1

I don't intend to play any of these games but I voted "Paper Mario: The Origami King", since there at least other Mario titles I've enjoyed.
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User Info: DarknessR18

2 weeks ago#2
I voted Cyberpunk. I would have said Dying Light 2, but I have a feeling it will get pushed back to next year. Maybe they'll cancel it outright for current gen, and make it next-gen instead. They did that with the first one. Wouldn't bother me too much, Dying Light was my favourite game this gen and if the sequel was next-gen exclusive, I think the game would be all the better for it.

User Info: Rotpar

2 weeks ago#3
I don't look forward to anything any more.
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User Info: vlado_e

2 weeks ago#4
The actual answer is Crusader Kings 3 but it wasn't an option in the poll, sadly.

I would have also taken Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 however I'm not even sure it's coming out this year. Last time I looked at it, they just had 2020 as release target but nothing really more than that. With the lack of news, I suspect it might even have been silently postponed for next year.

Of the rest of the poll options, the game I have any interest in is Cyberpunk 2077 so that's where my vote went. However, I'd not be getting it at release day, I'll probably wait and get it later. CK3 I am extremely tempted to play ASAP.
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User Info: KaijunoKami

2 weeks ago#5
Where's Destroy All Humans? That is the one I want the most followed by Crash Bandicoot.
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User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

2 weeks ago#6
I picked Halo Infinite, because I'm dying to find out what happens to the characters whose games I've been playing for over a decade.

Runner-up is Paper Mario: The Origami King, because the Mario RPGs are always incredibly good, and I'll be sure to pick that one up eventually.

I have negative interest in Cyberpunk 2077.
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User Info: DeliFlatChest

2 weeks ago#7
None, But I voted for BD2 just because that's the one I'm more likely to play than the rest.


User Info: RokkumanRaito

2 weeks ago#8
I was gonna say Cyberpunk but they still can delay the game to 2021 so I choose Ghost of Tsushima
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User Info: nekholm

2 weeks ago#9
Avicii Invector

But since that's not an alternative, Paper Mario

User Info: Sashanan

2 weeks ago#10
None of that has been on my radar. I do not expect my hardware to run any of it, at any rate.
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  3. #8138 - Which scheduled 2020 release are you most looking forward to?
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