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  3. #7914 - In the past week, which system have you gamed on the most?

User Info: KJ StErOiDs

3 days ago#1
Full poll title: In the past week, which system have you spent the most time playing games on?


I voted PC. It's the only system I've gamed on.
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User Info: TheFalseDeity

3 days ago#2
PC. May or may not be addicted to RuneScape.
Currently playing - OS RuneScape

User Info: Miasma

3 days ago#3

User Info: KarsUltimate

3 days ago#4
"Oh glorious Mother Brain! Please save us!"

User Info: PaulWilko11

3 days ago#5
All Nintendo Switch but also 3DS :D
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User Info: Sashanan

3 days ago#6
That is going to be PC, although in general being on virtual lockdown isn't freeing up as much gaming time as you might expect.
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User Info: coreekymon

3 days ago#7
PS2, just finished Persona 4 last night, started up Drakengard today.

Only other one I've played in the past week is my Switch, but I've only been playing that at work.
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User Info: Chen06

3 days ago#8
PC (Linux), but I've used it mostly to emulate NES.

User Info: Thesuperstar2k

3 days ago#9
Ps4 mainly for WWE 2K19 of creating move sets for fictional characters of Anime, gaming, and cartoon series.
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User Info: BBQ_Soda

3 days ago#10
Technically PS3, but through an emulator on PC.
An emulated console is still a console.
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  3. #7914 - In the past week, which system have you gamed on the most?
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