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User Info: zebatov

6 days ago#1

Another bad poll. I didn’t replace my PSX with a PS2. I had both and now I have neither.
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User Info: coreekymon

6 days ago#2
No I never had a PS1 personally, PS2 was my first Sony console and I got that after the PS3 was already out.
PS2 and PS3 could play PS1 games so there was never a reason for me to pick up the original PS1.
My step-dad had one but I only played it very rarely.
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User Info: dancer62

6 days ago#3
Yes, yes, and yes. Original, and PSOne with LCD screen, and PS2, and PS3.
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User Info: EdvinM

6 days ago#4
Had PSX, got rid of it and never got another Sony console.

User Info: HMandACFan

6 days ago#5
Yes, yes I do. Both an American one and a Japanese one. I still have games I like on it, though haven't played in a while. Unfortunately my favorite American PS1 game was stolen along with my PS3 a couple years ago, and I didn't replace the game or the system. I have a PS4 now (I mainly use PC though) but I still have my PS1 to play PS1 games, and never cared much for PS3 games. I don't currently have a working PS2 but maybe I can play my games on the future PS5? Here's to hoping! xD
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User Info: dragwarrfan

6 days ago#6
No, I never owned any PlayStation until my wife won a PlayStation 4 at a company Christmas party in 2017. We have since bought a few games for it, but rarely play it.
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User Info: Xeowulf

6 days ago#7
I regrettably had an N64 during that console era, but I moved over to PlayStation with the PS2. I never bothered with a PS1 since the PS2 was backwards compatible.
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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

6 days ago#9
No, but I've owned other PS consoles: a hand-me-down PS3 that I never did use much.
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User Info: KLOUDrocks

6 days ago#10
"I used to, but replaced it with a PS2 or PS3"

Technically, I owned the PS1 and the PS2 simultaneously. Both ended up getting disc read errors constantly, so I eventually bought a refurbished PS2 and tossed the PS1 and the original PS2.
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