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User Info: Solarys

1 month ago#11
Just me, but I live alone. For now anyway, but that's about to change soon since I might need to move into my mom's place to care for her.
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User Info: TI_Four

1 month ago#12
I was not sure how to answer. Everyone in my house plays video games. My husband and I play almost daily. I was troubled by the term "regularly", because sometimes I am not even sure if I play games regularly by some standards. If anything, at least two of us play regularly. My husband and roommate are at least playing cellphone games daily. I am not too fond of mobile game, so I leave them be.
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User Info: Mozzezz

1 month ago#13
2-3 people.

My dad and I definitely, my niece sort of.

My dad and I make it a point to play something together every Tuesday, after we also go out to eat with my Aunt and Uncle. Currently the games that could be played that day are Fast RMX, Mario Party Switch, Infinite Minigolf, and Tetris 99. We've mostly been playing Tetris 99 recently, with the new mode that it can be you vs a second player vs 97 computers at the same time.

Otherwise my dad and I play separate mostly.

My niece will occasionally play with me or my dad, not usually on Tuesday though, but also plays a decent amount of cell phone games by herself currently but it may not exactly be regularly.

My mom and my sister rarely play.
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User Info: Miasma

1 month ago#14
Only me

User Info: LusterSoldier

4 weeks ago#15
Voted for "Two people, it's good to have some competition".

Although we don't actually play together.
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User Info: BBQ_Soda

4 weeks ago#16
Me and my cousin, but we rarely play the same type of games.
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  3. #7776 - How many people in your home play video or computer games regularly?
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