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  3. #7776 - How many people in your home play video or computer games regularly?

User Info: VioletMassacre

1 week ago#1

Of two people both play, but for f***s sake poll makers, it doesn't need to have anything to do with competition. We rarely play anything together and it's literally only Mario Kart that we play competitively.

User Info: xF0x

1 week ago#2
There's no option for me either because there's one person who plays but it's not me. I voted "none" since he's currently in the army but otherwise these are some terrible choices even by GameFAQs PotD standards.
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User Info: Sashanan

1 week ago#3
Just me, but I live alone, and then it still depends on how you define 'regularly'.
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User Info: coreekymon

1 week ago#4
I just live with my brother and we both play quite a bit. But I don't play with him almost at all anymore, he gets way too pissed off so it's not fun to play with him.
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User Info: GenericGuy

1 week ago#5
"It'S gOoD tO hAvE sOmE cOmPeTiTiOn"
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User Info: hergman

1 week ago#6
just me

my parents don't even believe in videogames, thinking them as just a "newfangled electronic gadget" that don't matter
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User Info: CZ_Zidane

1 week ago#7
Just me, but I live alone.
And as said already - what is "regularly"? I play when I want to, sometimes everyday and sometimes I take a few days or even weeks break.
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User Info: Xeowulf

1 week ago#8
Just me. My wife isn't much of a gamer.
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User Info: KLOUDrocks

1 week ago#9
"Just me, but I live alone"

I've had a plethora of housemates and I'd say roughly half of them played games frequently. For the most part, stereotypes were held up and all the guys played games and all the girls did not. My ex was the only exception, as she played games somewhat frequently too.

User Info: PsychicHippo

1 week ago#10
Both my husband and I play games...just not together, lol. Our interests there don't really overlap.
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  3. #7776 - How many people in your home play video or computer games regularly?
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